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Are you curious of the ways breakfast affects your weight loss? You are in a routine of eating the same breakfast each day and wondering if your first meal of the day affects your weight. Absolutely! Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and what you choose to eat in the morning can make or break your day. Make the right choice so that you can achieve great results. Here are the ways breakfast affects your weight loss:

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Set Your Metabolism Strong

By starting your day with a healthy breakfast like egg whites, oatmeal or a green shake, you will break the all night fast and set your metabolism going for the day. To get your metabolism going quicker you need to eat breakfast in the morning. An elevated metabolic rate tops the ways breakfast affects your weight loss.


Fight Cravings

Have you ever noticed how after eating breakfast you have fewer cravings and make better food choices? In the event that I am traveling and I have trouble eating my normal breakfast, I am amazed by the cravings I feel later in the day. I will crave things like ice cream, which I normally do not even eat. But day to day when I am in my normal routine of eating egg whites for breakfast, I make healthier choices and rarely have cravings.


Stabilize Insulin Level

By eating a well-balanced, healthy breakfast like eggs or oatmeal, you will stabilize your insulin level which is important for weight loss and also in preventing diabetes. For weight loss, it is helpful to eat your breakfast at approximately the same time each day. Our bodies like consistent routine in eating times and this can help you to lose weight!


Elevates Your Mood

By eating breakfast and stabilizing your blood sugar level, you will find yourself to have fewer, if any, mood swings. Sporadic eating by skipping meals can affect your mood greatly. Eat breakfast to lose weight and not feel cranky!


Prevents Subsequent Overeating

Studies show that breakfast eaters eat less at lunch than those who skip breakfast. Have you ever skipped breakfast and found yourself so famished by lunch that you overindulge? Well you are not alone because it is natural, but you do not want to make this diet mistake. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast daily so you lose weight and avoid overeating at lunch!


Maintain Healthy Weight

Repeated studies show that breakfast eaters weigh less, so make sure you chow down on some healthy grub each morning to slim down. Just watch a naturally skinny person; they snack on mini meals, never miss breakfast and eat in moderation - watch and learn!


Feel Better

By eating breakfast you will feel better, have more energy, feel more productive at work and even have better workouts. I feel so much energy after my morning green shake or eggs, I often feel like I can take on any task (and with 3 kids and a full time business I usually do). Make sure you fuel your body with a healthy breakfast so that you can feel this power too!

Now that you are aware with just a few of the ways eating breakfast can affect your weight loss, are you ready to revamp your morning meal? Skip the sugary cereal and choose eggs, oatmeal or a green shake to start your day the right way!

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I've always eat my breakfast..can't be productive without it!!!

people who eat breakfast are less likely to become overweight than those who don't

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