7 Struggles That Exist after Hitting Your Weight Loss Goal ...

Reaching your goal weight whether it is 5, 15, 25 pounds or any other number; it will take hard work, dedication and determination. And after you reach your goal weight the work does not stop there; you will still have to put in plenty of work to stay at your goal weight. You will still encounter the same temptation and you will have your ups and downs in sticking with new your newly adopted healthier lifestyle. But have no fear with determination and perseverance, you will stay strong and overcome. As a certified trainer for over a decade I help clients to reach their goal weight and learn to maintain this so let me share with you the struggles that exist after hitting your goal weight. And I will help you to get there!

1. Beating Yourself up if You Eat Poorly

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You eat healthy through your entire weight loss journey but know that you have hit goal, you find it hard to stay on the healthy path. Occasionally you slip up and as a result you beat yourself up over this. It then becomes a downward spiral of self-destruct. To solve this problem, get right back on track an overcome. We all have an off day!

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