7 Struggles That Exist after Hitting Your Weight Loss Goal ...


7 Struggles That Exist after Hitting Your Weight Loss Goal ...
7 Struggles That Exist after Hitting Your Weight Loss Goal ...

Reaching your goal weight whether it is 5, 15, 25 pounds or any other number; it will take hard work, dedication and determination. And after you reach your goal weight the work does not stop there; you will still have to put in plenty of work to stay at your goal weight. You will still encounter the same temptation and you will have your ups and downs in sticking with new your newly adopted healthier lifestyle. But have no fear with determination and perseverance, you will stay strong and overcome. As a certified trainer for over a decade I help clients to reach their goal weight and learn to maintain this so let me share with you the struggles that exist after hitting your goal weight. And I will help you to get there!

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Beating Yourself up if You Eat Poorly

Beating Yourself up if You Eat Poorly You eat healthy through your entire weight loss journey but know that you have hit goal, you find it hard to stay on the healthy path. Occasionally you slip up and as a result you beat yourself up over this. It then becomes a downward spiral of self-destruct. To solve this problem, get right back on track an overcome. We all have an off day!


Celebrating with Pizza

Celebrating with Pizza As your co-worker lands a big deal you are invited to celebrate with wings, pizza and drinks. Yikes! If you miss the celebration you will look like you are not supportive but attending is so much temptation. Ok take a deep breathe, have a small salad and a glass of water, have seltzer and appetizers at the celebration. Be supportive without falling off your healthier lifestyle. This is a journey not a phase in your life. You can do this!


Skipping Your Workout

Skipping Your Workout You after work workout is cancelled when you drive straight home due to being tired. Skipping your workout not only puts you in a bad mood but then you feel super guilty. You relieve your guilt by having a bowl of ice cream! And at this point you feel like you are gaining all the weight you lost. Relax, put down that spoon and perform some squats, pushups and jumping jacks. Check out some of our workout videos and do a small fitness session at home. Every fitness moment adds up to make a big difference in your waistline and on the scale!


Temptation Every Where

Office parties, dinners out, weddings and every holiday celebration is surrounded by food. And the food that is served is not fruits and veggies but unhealthy choices. You are not doomed to gain 10 pounds over the holidays. Make a fruit salad and veggie tray to bring along with you to holiday celebrations and you will save your eating, along with your relatives.


Looking Back at Old Pics in Disgust

Looking Back at Old Pics in Disgust With every compliment in how great you look after losing weight you start to second guess the way you looked before. And then you pull out picture albums out. Did you really have that much weight to lose in the first place? And did you look that bad? Stop worrying about the past. You are beautiful and this goes deeper than the weight you have lost. You are a good person and no scale can ever show this. So be proud and just smile!


Staying on Track

Staying on Track Staying on track to your new healthy lifestyle is all about preparation. If you fail to prepare your food in advance you may put yourself in bad situations. And if you do not plan to workout you may find a comfy seat on the couch and stay. So make a plan so that you can stay on track and keep up with your amazing results that you have achieved!


Keeping up with This Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping up with This Healthier Lifestyle Keeping up with your healthier lifestyle will mean that dinner is not as easy as dialing a number for delivery. It will take creativity in your healthy recipes, continual dedication to your workouts and daily motivation within. So realize your value and stick with this. You deserve to maintain the healthy lifestyle you earned from hard work.

Now knowing all of these struggles that exist after you hit your weight loss goal, be prepared, smile and know that you can conquer any obstacle. Are you ready to enjoy your new life?

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