The 7 Secrets That'll Stop You from Falling off a Diet ...


The 7 Secrets That'll Stop You from Falling off a Diet ...
The 7 Secrets That'll Stop You from Falling off a Diet ...

Diets are difficult! What’s even more difficult is staying motivated and dedicated to what you’re working for. But these’re 7 secrets that’ll stop you from falling off a diet. Weight loss success is definitely in your future with these tools. You’ve got this!

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Focus on Getting Healthy Instead of Getting Skinny

For best results, shift your focus. Instead of making getting skinny the goal, focus on getting healthy. Don’t worry; eating and living healthy almost always comes with weight loss. Healthy choices always pay off. It’s just a difference in how you think and the choices you make throughout your daily life. For example, you might choose a 100 calorie fruit cup 🍉 🍇 over a 100 calorie cookie because it’s the healthier option.


Find Some Friends to Diet with You

Dieting alone is a recipe for frustration. It can be done but it’s not easy. Find some friends who also want to lose weight and join up to do it together. It’s a much easier journey when you’re not alone. Another idea is to diet with your partner, if they’re willing and interested.


Stay Accountable to Yourself

While dieting with your friends is helpful, it’s most important to stay accountable to yourself. It’s very easy to eat more than you realize in a day’s time. Keeping track of everything that goes in your mouth can be very eye-opening. You can do this by keeping a food journal or using an app to do this for you. My Fitness Pal is one that’s worked well for me.


Set Small Goals Too

It’s good to have big goals but don’t forget to set some small ones along the way. It can help keep you motivated. Hitting small goals is a success too! It can be something like giving up soda or losing 5 pounds. Every small goal puts you one step closer to your big goal.


Go Shopping

It may sound lame but investing in some nice clothes 👚 for yourself can help you keep from falling off the wagon. You won’t want to regain weight you lost and not be able to wear them. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll buy clothes when you hit your big goal. Buy some cute things that make you feel good about yourself. If you’ve lost enough that you need a smaller size then go for it!


Allow for a Treat Now and then

Surprised to see this one on the list? Your diet isn’t going to work if you’re too strict. You’re much more likely to go on a binge if you forbid yourself from having any kind of treat than if you allow yourself one every now and then. Your diet should have the flexibility to allow for an occasional cupcake or piece of chocolate 🍰 🍫. Occasional treats are what makes diets bearable!


Lose the Word Diet

Lastly, although this article is about not falling off a diet, it’s really best to choose a healthy living lifestyle over a true diet. Make eating healthy and exercise 🏊 a part of your everyday life. Diets have a beginning and ending date. Healthy living doesn’t because it’s a lifestyle choice. When you choose healthy living then you’ll find yourself thinner and much healthier, too.

These’re 7 tips to help you keep from falling off your diet. What’re your best weight loss tips? We can help each other here!

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Thank you so much, most of these were true. The other ones really helped.

Especially love the last point

Nice tips here , the last one mostly... Go brisk walking.. It helps

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