Reasons You Shouldn't Care about Holiday Weight Gain ...


Reasons You Shouldn't Care about Holiday Weight Gain ...
Reasons You Shouldn't Care about Holiday Weight Gain ...

Feasting on delectable food. Chugging down loads of alcohol. If there’s one thing about the holiday season we don’t look forward to, it’s weight gain. But I’m going to put something out there for you to chew on (note the deliberate food reference ha ha). Why worry? Why even put a tiny dampener on the most wonderful time of the year? I think there’s plenty of jolly ho ho ho reasons to not worry about holiday weight gain.

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Holidays Are Supposed to Be Joyous!

Holidays Are Supposed to Be Joyous! How can you possibly have a good time over the holidays if you are expected to count every single calorie?


Weight Gain Isn’t Irreversible

Weight Gain Isn’t Irreversible So what if you put on an extra pound or two over Christmas? Head down to the gym in January and work it off. Simple!


You Need Insulation!

You Need Insulation! I mean, have you seen what the weather is like outside? Hell, we all need a little extra insulation to get through the winter!


You’ll Be More Cuddly

Your holiday weight gain will make you much more cuddly for snuggling up with a loved one to roast chestnuts on the open fire!


Be Grateful for Your Food

What better way to be grateful for all the delicious food you have at Christmas time than to sample every single morsel that you can?


You Can Buy New Clothes!

You Can Buy New Clothes! If anything, gaining a little extra weight over the holidays will give you a great excuse to go out and do little clothes shopping in the January sales!


Nobody Will Notice

Nobody Will Notice Seriously, we are talking in the range of 2, 3, 4, 5 pounds? Absolutely nobody is going to notice the weight gain; they’ll be too filled with festive cheer!


Be Body Positive

Be Body Positive There are always kids around at Christmas, and the last thing they need at such a happy time is to hear somebody talking negatively about eating and our bodies. Let’s be positive!


Don’t Self Sabotage

Don’t Self Sabotage Try to give yourself a break over the holidays; nobody needs to self sabotage when we should all be enjoying the season that is supposed to be jolly!


The Food is Delicious!

The Food is Delicious! Come on; at what other time of the year to you get to see all of this delicious food all at once? It’s the one time of the year when we are all allowed to really indulge. Be a part of it!


It’s the One Chance to Feast

It’s the One Chance to Feast The holiday season is the one allotted time of the year when it is not frowned upon to sit around all day and snack to your heart's content. Take advantage of it and don’t be ashamed!


Channel the Clauses

Have you ever seen a picture of Mr and Mrs Claus that didn’t show them nice and round? Channel your inner Claus and pay tribute to them by adding a little roundness to your lovely tum!


It’s a Time for Snuggly Clothes

It’s a Time for Snuggly Clothes The holidays are a time for nothing but snuggly clothes, and you favourite hoodie and comfortable sweats aren’t going to care one bit if you have gained a pound or two!


Holiday Weight Gain is No Different

Holiday Weight Gain is No Different People seem to compound the misery of holiday weight gain, but the truth is it’s just the same as weight gain any other time of the year, so don’t beat yourself up about it in particular.


Too Much Fun to Be Having

Quite simply, there is way too much fun to be having during the holidays to sit down and worry about having that extra cup of eggnog.


It’s Only Once a Year

It’s Only Once a Year If you have been pretty good for the rest of the year at eating right and getting some exercise, a few days of indulgence are not going to undo all of your hard work.


Life’s Too Short!

Life’s Too Short! Life is way too short to be stopping yourself from enjoying your holiday season. It only comes around once a year so make the most of it!

Seriously ladies, even if you seriously overindulge, how much weight will you put on? 7-8 pounds? Absolute max! Unless you really, really go wild. And if you do, don't you think you then have a great New Year's Resolution ready made? It's the perfect excuse to make sure you start off the new year with a determined outlook to get the weight off and be fit and healthy.

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There's nothing wrong with gaining 5 lbs! No one is going to care! Life is too short and food is soooo good! Eat up!

Is that girl not wearing any clothes? What a weird picture.

Omg I thought I was the only one who noticed the pant less model

I enjoy my Christmas blowout too much to think about weight gain. I can worry about that after the holidays.

Everyone will notice I don't want to be a soft plushy teddy bear this christmas. You can give me as a gift under the tree and I'll unwrapped it on Christmas. But no way I eat right all year round. You can have a joyous feast and eat good foods also eat take a few only a few bites of something sweet like mama's homemade apple pie fyi my pastries are delicious but only in moderation not overeat muffin cakes and remember after Christmas run forest run haha I love that movie I saw it last night and boy got some laughs so yeah have a slice of pie not the whole buy no ask for seconds, thirds and so on. Moderation is key my dear☝

These sound like excuses. The key is moderation in all things.

I don't want to live in a world where we can't indulge just once a year. People must be really sad if they think moderation is good at Christmas. Get a life people. It's just once a year and you never know, it might be your last ever Christmas and you spent it quibbling over not eating a second mince pie. 

I know I definitely won't be indulging. I work too hard to be in shape. I can't ruin it because of the holidays as excuses. I've made it a lifestyle.

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