Avoid These 7 People when You're Trying to Lose Weight ...

The last thing you need when you’re losing weight is things that demotivate you. It’s a struggle enough to deal with cravings, needles on scales hovering over the 9 rather than the 6 and the peaks and troughs of blood sugar levels. That means steering away from certain types of people who can sabotage your weight loss journey without them even realizing it.

1. The Person Who Can’t Gain Weight

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The most challenging person to avoid when you’re losing weight is the person who can’t seem to gain an ounce. This person could be your best buddy, your sister, your teacher, whoever - but you secretly hold some resentment against them because staying slim seems so easy for them. What, do they have the metabolism of a 6 year old? It doesn’t seem fair, especially since you are trying so hard. Try not to be resentful because that only causes you more stress and interferes with your goals. Simply avoid these people, because you may eat the same things as them but not get the same results.

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