7 Ways to Combat Your Workout Ruining Your Diet ...

So you workout for an hour and find yourself at the nearest drive through after your sweat session ordering some post workout fuel. Is it okay to consume a chicken sandwich just because you worked so hard? Is this warranted or should you be rethinking your calories? If you have the same or more calories than you burned in your workout, doesn’t this defeat the purpose of working out? You would not want to hold yourself back from achieving your goals so let’s analyze your food and fitness plan. Let me help you to get in shape and achieve your goals by figuring out if you are on the right plan:

1. Analyze the Calories You Burned

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A 6 mile run for a 135 pound woman is approximately 600 calories burned. So the glass of wine you just drank pretty much voided your workout. Do this on a daily basis by choosing the wrong foods and you will never reach your goal. So know the calories you are consuming and please choose wisely.

2. Plan Your Meals

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If you plan your meals in advance you will plan to have a small snack before your workout and lean protein after. This fuel will help you to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

3. Stop Skipping Breakfast

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You skip breakfast because you are busy all morning but when lunch time rolls around you more than make up for it with a big meal. This calorie overload all in one meal is not only hard on the body digestively but can be preventing you from crushing your goal. So take a deep breath and go for your workout with an extra spring in your step because you worked out!

4. Have a Glass of Water

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Sip some water with a smile because if you do not stay hydrated you will find yourself even hungrier after your workout. Often athletes confuse hunger with thirst, so drink up before, during and after your workout!

5. Eat a Banana

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Having a banana before your workout can help to regulate your potassium levels which affects hydration and also give you a bit of natural sugar for an energy burst. So have a banana and get out for your super sweat session. If you do this you will avoid overeating after your workout!

6. Choose Meals Wisely

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You are working out nearly every day but the scale does not seem to budge? Cardio, weights, and even healthy eating still seem to yield no results! So take a deep breath and hone in on your eating. Make sure you choose your calories wisely so you can see incredible results. And break up your meals to 6 mini meals to boost your sluggish metabolism!

7. Don’t Give into Your Cravings

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As you finish your workout and you are greatly craving pizza, have a protein shake and fuel your body with what it needs rather than cravings. Cravings are usually our body in dire need of minerals and nutrients. So feed your body properly and it will thank you with super sexy results!

So stop ruining your results by over eating just because you worked out! Earn the incredible results you have dreamed of by simple healthy food choices daily!

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