7 Difficult Diet Decisions for Those Who Want to Lose Weight ...


Losing weight is no small feat. If it were that easy, then perhaps we would all end up as Victoria's Secret models. But it's not, and with every attempt to shed those unwanted pounds, there is a frustrated creature who wishes that losing weight is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. We're sharing with you seven difficult diet decisions experienced by those who want to lose weight:

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Skipping Desserts

If you're the type who loves your desserts - spell ice cream, crème brûlée, cupcakes, and everything else that your sweet tooth fancies - then losing weight is a tough chore. Artificial sweeteners have invaded this planet, but you know too well that nothing beats the taste of "real sugar." Skipping desserts is a major diet decision and those who have decided to follow this path didn't leave without shedding buckets of tears.


Getting up Earlier than Usual

Working out to lose weight requires commitment and that involves waking up early to get your body programmed for that early morning run. But what if you're not an early riser? Oh, the horror of getting up at six or seven in the morning to put on that running gear. Can running be done in bed instead?


Hitting the Gym

First, you pay the membership fee. That's money off your pocket unless a kind soul offers to pay it for you (lucky you if that happens!). Second, you have to get dressed to be gym-ready. Third, you have to be there - physically there - to run on the treadmill, lift those weights, do curl ups. You've got to be committed and strong-willed to do all these!


Letting Go of Carbs

Bidding your carbs adieu is not for the faint hearted but if you really want to lose weight, then get ready to sacrifice your bread and rice. Of course, there are greener, organic alternatives that offer more fiber content and will help you in your quest to lose weight. BUT... you'd be lying if you tell everyone that you don't miss your strawberry shortcake and bread pudding.


Watching What You Eat

It's so much easier to just stuff your mouth with all the goodies found in your kitchen. But this habit has to stop with your mission to shed some unwanted pounds. Say goodbye to chips and ice cream and all those sinful junk foods that you love to have during movie marathons. Gotta watch what you eat, honey!


Fighting the Urge to Pig out

Because there are days that you just want to for reasons only you can elaborate. A bad day in the office perhaps? You think it's so good to just drive through KFC and devour that entire bucket of chicken to kiss your misery away. But how can you do that when you want to lose weight? Oh heck, forget the fact that you're working on your abs! Just go ahead and pig out!


Aloha to Soda

Laden with enormous amounts of sugar and all types of chemicals that can clean a really filthy toilet bowl, soft drinks are considered one of your body's mortal enemies if you're on the road to healthy living. Those who have been addicted to these sugary drinks, however, will really find it hard to say 'aloha.' So stock up on courage and willpower if one day you do decide to lose weight.

What other difficult decisions have you encountered when you decided to lose weight?

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Thank you. This is what I really need.

It's all about a lifestyle change. Once you realize just how unhealthy things are, it's much easier to give them up. I love desserts, but I still have them, just not your typical Chips Ahoy or Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.

Watch out on the alcohol; those calories add up.

Yes @ Laura. If I do drink, sip on water too.

So sick of the "get rid of carbs" rule, people can do it and still lose weight hmm

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