Tiny Weight Loss Tips 📖 to Get You into the Best 🙌🏼 Shape Ever 🗓 ...

Often when people have weight loss goals they think it has to be dramatic and as a result they cut out food groups and make major changes. And because these major changes are so drastic this becomes something they cannot stick with. It is unrealistic and before long they are back to their high calorie eating ways. So before you go on another yo-yo diet, let me share my weight loss tips. As a trainer and nutritionist for hundreds of lives, I am here to help you. With my little known weight loss tips you can change the future of your health and the number on the scale!

1. Avoid Ingredients with Numbers

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When the ingredient list on packaged food includes numbers, do not purchase it. Ingredients that include numbers as part of their names usually represent a convenience food that is processed. It is difficult to lose weight if you are eating processed foods. Processed foods have higher sugar, carbohydrates and other hidden ingredients!

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