How to Tell if a Weight Loss Product is a Load of Bull ...


How many weight loss aids are there out there? And more pertinently, how many of them actually deliver what they claim? Losing weight is hard so it’s no surprise that we look for a helping hand, whether it be to suppress appetite, bind fat or replace a meal. They promise so much and it’s difficult to work your way through the blurb to understand the science behind the claims (if indeed any scientific explanation is offered.) I’m not going to claim this works for every product but here’s a general guide for how to tell if a weight loss product is unlikely to deliver its promises.

1. Celebrity Endorsement

One of the key signs of weight loss products that promise much and deliver nothing is that they rely solely on the endorsement of a few celebrities. With no real testimonials to back them up, some products will pay well known figures to endorse them knowing that people can be swayed by that type of advertisement.

The Term ‘Washboard Abs’
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