The Major Pros Positivity Has on Weight Loss for Girls Struggling to See It ...

By Tara

The Major Pros  Positivity Has on Weight Loss  for Girls Struggling to See It  ...

As a trainer and weight loss specialist for over a decade, I am amazed how positive thinking can literally transform your life. Positive thinking can help you lose weight, feel better and have more energy. And if things look bleak and you have an off day, as a positive thinker, you will get back on track. You will stay strong, with your head up and eye on the prize of achieving great results. So check out just why you should become more positive if you are not yet and you will achieve incredible results.

1 Get Back up

If you fall off your weight loss plan, you will get back on, work hard and push to your goal. Nothing will make you give up on your goal. You are a positive thinker so you never give up or give in to failure.

2 Stay Strong

You stay strong even on your hardest of days and push through with every grueling workout. And on the days when you feel like throwing in the towel, you march on steadfast to your goal. You are a doer and you are going come out ahead with weight loss and life!

3 Believe in Yourself

You believe in your power of self-control to make healthy choices. You believe in your strength to work through every fitness session. And you believe that you can achieve your goals and you will do so because you believe!

4 Stick to Your Goal

Step by step you work hard to reach your goal. You stick with it every day and believe in the power of positive change because you are one positive thinker. Stay positive and keep with it!

5 Feed Your Body Healthily

Donuts, cookies and chips are the route to self-sabotage so you choose the salad and fruits to take another step to better your life. You choose wisely and as a result you are living the life you deserve!

6 Help Those around You

You help those around you to lose weight and transform. You pay it forward by spreading the news and your positivity is contagious! By helping those around you, life gets better all-around for those that you meet. You are positively perfect in so many ways!

7 Smile No Matter What

You smile no matter what your day holds, you find the positive in every experience you have and as a result, life always works out for you. The power of positive thinking can slim you down and transform your every thought. So keep on smiling and see the light in every day!

8 Use Positive Reinforcement

You don't have to reward yourself with food. On your weight loss journey, you can reward yourself along the way by buying new outfits when you hit a certain weight, or having a party to throw out you're "fat clothes". Whatever it is to make you feel good and keep going.

9 Work out for Positive Energy

Working out is great for your weight loss AND your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which will make you a generally happier person without even really trying. Plus, you'll be able to use fitness to burn stress that's tearing you down.

10 Use Positive Affirmations Daily

It sounds cheesy, however, telling yourself positive affirmations either during the workout or in the morning, will allow you to boost your self confidence. You will feel better about yourself and your goals and having that positive reminder will allow you to stick to your plan. A great way to remember is is post-it's on the mirror, or a different affirmation in your daily planner. Heck, even leaving yourself a, "You rock girl!" Note by the coffee maker will do.

With your positive mindset you will always come out of life ahead and on top of the world. Keep on believing and your life will somehow always work out. And do not forget to make fitness and health part of each and every day!

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