18 Weight Loss ⚖️ Secrets 🙊 from around the World 🌎 ...


I'm here with some pretty great weight loss secrets from around the world. Pretty much every single culture has some secret for how they stay slim. With society’s increasing interest in weight loss and health, why not look to other cultures to get some fat burning tips. The following weight loss secrets from around the world are sure to send that belly packing.

1. Netherlands: Chow down on Herring

Our first stop is the Netherlands. The Dutch consume nearly 85 million of these fish every single year, and raw at that. That is roughly around five fish per person in the country, which is five more than what is eaten in the US. They pickle the fish and then serve them unadorned as a snack or on a bun topped with gherkins and onions. Oily fish, such as herring, helps you to stay slim for several reasons, according to Dr. Pescatore. The fish has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to lower cortisol levels, and cortisol is known to cause an increase in the fat that accumulates around your middle. When you lunch on canned sardines or herring, it helps you eat fewer calories than if you consumed fish sticks or a burger. It wouldn’t hurt to have some mints on hand, though. This is one of my favorite weight loss secrets from around the world because it works.

Finland: Hike like Norse Gods
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