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Wouldn't you just love to know the secrets of naturally thin people? I have collected some of the best for you. Naturally thin people can really offer us a lot of valuable information if we just observe them. If you follow the secrets of naturally thin people, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start getting a little thin yourself.

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Eat when You Are Hungry

One of the secrets of naturally thin people is that they eat when they are hungry. They do not try to wait for the next appointed time to eat to be on a specific schedule. There is no starving it out in between meals. When they feel a hunger pang, they eat. If you are truly hungry, you should not feel badly about eating, either.


Pass when You Aren’t Hungry

Similarly, another secret of naturally thin people is that they don’t eat when they aren’t hungry. They will pass on food if they are not hungry. This usually holds true no matter the food, too. They won’t be swayed just because something looks good to them. They listen to their stomach to tell them when they need food and when they don’t.


Eat a Normal Size Portion

Naturally thin people are not people that you see ordering the largest fries at the drive through window. They are very careful not to overeat. They do this by eating a normal size portion of food. They have learned what normal food portions looks and feels like. If you feel you need some help in learning what normal portion sizes are, look it up on a reputable site. There is a lot of valuable information on portion sizes on the internet.


Give in to Cravings

Naturally thin people do not ignore their cravings. If they are craving chocolate chip cookies, they will bake some. Note that they don’t eat just because they think it sounds good. They make sure they are actually craving it and then they have some. They also have a normal size portion of whatever they are craving.


Enjoy Being Active

Naturally thin people are not couch potatoes. They stay on the move. They are busy in their life. They wake up with energy and use it wisely. They are also active in making sure they get adequate exercise. The key to that is finding something that you truly enjoy.


Get Your Mind off of Food

Naturally thin people do not think about food all of the time. They don’t focus on their weight. They just live their life and eat when they need food. They fully embrace the strategy of eating to live, not living to eat which is a very wise strategy to follow when it comes to food. This works well for them and it can for you.


Insist on Quality

You won’t catch most naturally thin people eating a bag of stale chips or munching on dry cake. If they are going to splurge, they insist on quality. They don’t squander calories on something that doesn't taste wonderful to them. They make sure they indulge in exactly what they want. They don’t take substitutions easily.

Following these 7 secrets of naturally thin people can help you with your weight, too. What secrets do you know that naturally thin people use? Share with us!

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Number 3 is untrue for me. I actually eat large proportions whenever I can, granted I am trying to gain a couple pounds (If anybody has some tips I'd be real greatful) so that probably plays into this. Number 5 renders untrue for me too because I'm quite lazy. (Number 6 too) I also do think about food very often so...Other then that, it's mostly true. More out of habit than on purpose.

Okay this is pure bullshit. I'm naturally thin, as in I can eat pretty much whatever I want whenever I want. I will eat even when I'm not hungry, just because I have a craving or something looks delicious. I don't always eat quality food, I like a shitty burger from McDonald's every now and then. I'm not super active and I think about food a lot, because I really, really like food. This has absolutely nothing to do with naturally thin people, but regular healthy people.

Let me clarify a few things here, not that's it's wrong but it's not entirely right! In naturally thin and yeah I do just eat whenever and no I don't exercise , I'm on the movie sometimes but generally I just feel I walk a lot, to nearby areas and stuff one more thing quality is considerable but then again when you're hungry any kind of chips will do and chocolate yes and a lot of icing peanut butter coke and shit, that's it right there and the "live to eat" May not even be all that wrong , if there was no food we wouldn't live anyway and food is kinda as important as oxygen

getting my mind off of food and only eating wen hungry is definitely my weakness!

I'm naturally thin and all I do is eat

surprisingly this is true. I'm naturally thin and although I wish I could gain weight more easily, I think reason I don't is because I actually only eat when hungry and I get exactly what I want when u crave it instead of thinking of the craving as a bad thing. And quality is a HUGE thing, if I'm hungry I want the best quality of what I'm eating, not something to just satisfy the hunger.

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