7 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly ...


7 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly ...
7 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly ...

Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds. There are a lucky few who never seem to gain weight no matter how much they indulge; but generally speaking pounds seem to magically appear with each year that passes. What follows are a few pointers to help you look thinner instantly without any crash diets or painful procedures. Here are 7 ways to look thinner instantly!

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No Spandex

Women who are not pencil thin should not wear spandex. Spandex focuses attention on what ever it is covering; unless you want to call attention to problem areas, avoid spandex altogether.


Dark Colors

Dark colors are slimming to the body. Black and dark blues will make your silhouette appear thinner; memorize this rule and stick to it for optimum results.


Slimming Shapers!

There are all numerous types of slimming shapers readily available at department stores or online. Slimming shapers are undergarments that shape and smooth body lines. For example, if you plan to wear a fitted top an are worried that the extra pounds you gained over the holidays may cause “muffin top,” a slimming shaper is just what you need to smooth your form and keep that unsightly bulge in check.


Vertical Lines

To project a slimmer image, wear vertical lines or patterns, never horizontal ones. Vertical lines give the illusion that you are much thinner than you really are.


Great Bra

It is of utmost importance to wear a great bra that fits the way that it should. If you need help selecting the right bra go to a local department store for a fitting and they will help you select the proper bra for you. The right bra can take 10 pounds off your waist!


Too Low

Wear the right jeans for your body type. Avoid low rise jeans when you are packing a little extra weight in the torso. Don’t fall for wearing a style of jean just because it is in style right now; wear what looks good on you. Properly fitting jeans look better regardless of their style, rather than low-rise with your belly hanging out.


The Right Shirt

Back away from wearing tight shirts. The tighter the shirt, the bigger you look. Wearing looser fitting tops enhances a thinner look to a point. Don’t wear a top the size of a tent or you will simply look like a tent. Wear tops that enhance you appearance by wearing tops that fit neither too tightly nor too loose.

The trick is to dress in a way that is appealing but not revealing. You should dress in a way that makes you feel better about yourself. Don’t dress to join the latest fad; dress to look thinner and feel better, even great! What is your favorite outfit for hiding your problem areas? How do you dress to look thinner?

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hi ladies ive been looking on this web and ive found some really cool ways 2 lose that extra weight and believe me im getting there so if u left a bad comment u must b somewhere elese

I think dresses that poof out a little at the waist are good for people with my body shape ( skinny arms, small boobs, big belly, small butt, skinny legs ) it highlights your good parts and skims over the bad parts. That's a major way to look good, is to find your favorite part about you (if you're curvy you're lucky enough to have the boobs & butt in your favor) and find outfits that highlight those parts.

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