Flat Belly Tricks from Stunning Celebrities over 40 ...


Flat Belly Tricks from Stunning Celebrities over 40 ...
Flat Belly Tricks from Stunning Celebrities over 40 ...

If there is one health and fitness area that we tend to get the most requests and inquiries about, it would have to be messages and searches from people who are looking to attain a perfectly flat belly! I’m talking about the kind of flat belly that we see on the stars and the rich and famous all the time, but not so often on individuals walking down the street in real life! Getting a flat belly isn’t just something that can be achieved by the young among us so don’t give up on that dream just because you happen to be nearer to fifty than to twenty-five! To help you get some inspiration whatever your age, here are some flat belly tricks all from stunning celebrities over the age of 40!

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Gwyneth Paltrow

dress, beauty, lady, gown, photo shoot, Gwyneth Paltrow looks much younger than her 44 years and attributes her flat tummy to exercise and citrus smoothies packed with vitamin C that acts as a diuretic, which helps to keep your digestive system and organs, especially bladder, functioning healthily and properly.


Drew Barrymore

flooring, carpet, gown, fashion model, fashion, Forty-two-year-old Drew Barrymore focuses on eating lots of protein like chicken and fish, whilst avoiding meats that are harder to digest like red meats. This is accompanied by a whole grain heavy diet of beans quinoa vegetable and fruit.


Cindy Crawford

clothing, swimwear, fashion model, one piece swimsuit, sportswear, I think we can all agree that Cindy Crawford still look sensational at 51, and she puts her slim figure to lots of circuit training that includes lots of weights and cardio. She does lots of three or four-minute sets of high-intensity exercises that really get her heart rate going and get those calories burning.


Julianne Moore

human hair color, beauty, fashion model, leg, thigh, The fifty-six-year-old Oscar-winning actress still has one of the best figures in Hollywood, and her secret is following a Mediterranean style diet that avoids low quality carbs and fatty meats and focuses instead on fish, vegetables, kale and salads. She also pairs this with lots Ashtanga yoga two to three times a week.


Christie Brinkley

vacation, swimwear, fun, sea, water, The inspiration for Billy Joel’s song Uptown Girl, Christina Brinkley’s stomach is just as flat as it was 35 years ago! The 63-year-old puts it down to a strict vegetarian diet along with starting every single day with a cup of warm water and lemon to kick start her metabolism. Sometimes she gets fancy and adds something like manuka honey or cayenne pepper to it!


Elle MacPherson

fashion model, swimwear, beauty, model, photo shoot, The former supermodel is over 50 and still rocking an iron board stomach. She follows an alkaline diet that prohibits red meat, wheat, sugar and dairy. They don’t call her the Body for nothing!


Jennifer Aniston

fashion model, beauty, flooring, leg, fashion, It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston is 48! She keeps her tummy flat by breaking her workouts down into 15 dedicated segments. She’ll do quads, then the elliptical, the spinning, then a run, everything to get her heart rate pumping and her fat burning cells going!

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