The New Diet Trend to Lose Weight -the Nordic Diet ...


The New Diet Trend to Lose Weight -the Nordic Diet ...
The New Diet Trend to Lose Weight -the Nordic Diet ...

If you are browsing the web looking for diets to try out, then it’s probably safe to assume that you have gone through more than a few of the past fad ideas previously. If you’re anything like me, then Atkins, Keto, the 5-2 etc. will all be things that you have gone through before. Perhaps they worked for you, perhaps they didn’t, but the whole point of a fad diet like that is that you aren’t really destined to be doing the same thing forever. That’s why new ones are cropping up every single year to excite prospective dieters! This year, it is the turn of the Nordic Diet. Here’s what it’s all about!

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Baltic Sea Diet Pyramid

What is the Nordic Diet? The Nordic Diet is based on something called the Baltic Sea Diet pyramid and is an eating plan that involves lots of plant-based produce like root vegetables, cabbage, mushrooms etc, along with healthy fatty fishes like salmon and tuna, with some whole grains included for good measure. Much like the famous Mediterranean diet, it is an eating plan that is meant to reflect the ideal cuisine culture of the Nordic and Scandinavian region, another population in the world that is regarded for its overall great health.


Disease Fighting

All of the foods permitted in the Nordic Diet are particularly effective in the area of fighting disease within the body. The emphases on whole foods and plants, along with the important addition of fatty fish, means that you are left with a perfect balance of protein for your muscles, omega 3 for your heart and vitamin D for your immune system.


Low Saturated Fat

The Nordic Diet is especially regarded for being very low in saturated fats, very low in sodium and very low in sugars, basically all of the things that you are supposed to avoid when trying to lose weight! Taking these elements out of your daily diet can reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.



This diet is also brilliant for the visual of your waistline because it is naturally lower in calories yet high in gut filling fibre. Because of this, you will eat low-calorie meals yet still feel incredibly full, meaning that you won’t need to snack and satisfy hunger cravings throughout the day. The inches will fall away!


No Frozen

The first thing to do if you are thinking about trying out the Nordic Diet is to commit to not eating anything frozen or processed. Every ounce of your eating efforts should go into preparing meals that are made entirely from fresh and natural ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, fish, canola oil, whole grains, everything along these lines is what you should be filling your kitchen with.

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