The Ultimate Strategy to Weight Loss when All else Fails ...


The Ultimate Strategy to Weight Loss when All else Fails ...
The Ultimate Strategy to Weight Loss when All else Fails ...

Losing weight is not a simple task.
Majority of women work so hard to lose even just a pound or two, only to put it all back on shortly after that.

There are certain things that you do (or fail to do) that greatly interfere with your weight loss ambitions.

However, you can choose and stick to some small, healthy lifestyle changes and hang onto them all through. These will assure you of tangible, sustainable results which you will live to be proud of.

No, there is no shortcut to this task, but there are tips that can help you shed those extra pounds and maintain your ideal body once and for all.

The focus here is on simple, yet long-term, changes. To break this down; losing weight goes hand in hand with healthy living. But how do you adjust to this and keep at it?
Here is the ultimate strategy for weight loss when all else fails:
The main keyword here will be to plan. This time around, sit down and plan.

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Decide on the Appropriate Time to Get Started

Don’t start at a time when you are most likely to be distracted; such as when sick or expecting a major event such as a wedding, graduation, or when planning to move.

All these will make it almost impossible to do anything reasonable and as a result, you will definitely not achieve your weight-loss goals.


Set Goals

You need to set goals that will guide you in your journey. Focus on making one small change after another.

These goals MUST be realistic. Don’t set goals that are too high. You will not be able to achieve them and this will lead to discouragement.


Track Your Progress

Use your goals to track your progress, and celebrate every milestone. That way, you will stay encouraged and, with time, get used to the system, making it a long-term achievement.

Better still, tracking your progress helps you to know what really works for you and keep at it, dropping whatever does not work.


Sort Any Health Problems

For instance, if you have sleep problems such as insomnia, make sure that you sort it first because the amount and quality of sleep you get are directly proportional to the amount of weight you lose.

In case you are on medication for other issues, make sure that you consult your doctor or health provider to ensure that you don’t take a product that will affect you instead of aiding you in your journey.


Plan Your Meals Well

If you don’t plan your meals and stick to them (right from the shopping list to the kitchen), you are very likely to end up taking anything that comes your way, including unhealthy treats.

Planning ensures that you only take healthy meals, snacks, and drinks which will, in effect, produce real, long-term results.


Take Water First

Have you tried to limit the amount of food or snacks you take only to be surprised that you felt a vacuum after clearing the whole serving?

There’s a solution for that; just take a glass of water before taking a meal or snack. Sometimes, thirst is misinterpreted as hunger.

Taking a glass of water may either make you feel actually full until the set mealtime comes or help to partly fill the stomach and reduce the amount of food you take.


That Drink!

Many drinks contain calories that most people seeking to lose weight tend to neglect.

When doing your calorie count, don’t forget to include the contents of your drinks too.

Try as much as possible to avoid or reduce your intake of alcohol. Most alcoholic drinks have calories whose exact content is not easy to ascertain.


Cook at Home

Preparing your own meals will ensure that you include the right portions of the healthy foodstuff you got during the shopping and stick to that.

This way, you also avoid the chances and temptations of ordering unhealthy meals or snacks that you are likely to get when eating out.

Further, you will also be in a position to serve the right portions of food for each meal.



Don’t be idle. Keep yourself busy by finding some physical activities you can do, especially when you are not really hungry. Try something like lifting weights or walking when you don’t have much to do. This way, you will avoid the temptation of keeping yourself busy with snacking.

Also, avoid those screens. It has been confirmed that spending lots of time in front of the TV aids in weight gain.

Whenever possible, eat at the table with the TV and other gadgets such as tablets and phones being completely off.


Mental Health

Stress easily leads to weight gain. If you are stressed up in any way, deal with it first.

Bring down the levels of stress by getting involved in stress-relieving activities such as religious activities, volunteering in any available activities in the community, trying out a new hobby or recipe, reading, and spending time with family or friends.


Keep at It

Don’t you give up!
Try, try, and try again. If one strategy fails, try the next one. You never know what will finally work for you.

You will have to accommodate discomforts, find new rewards and inspirations, and just keep trying different things.

The most certain thing here is that this will last a short while because the moment you discover what really works for you, you will be sorted, for good.

Final Thoughts
Very many ways and methods have been proposed as possible strategies to help with weight loss.

Many people have tried crazy things in an effort to get and maintain the ideal weight.

However, the most important thing is to learn what really works for your unique body and keep at it. This may take some time and effort, but the day you strike it, you will be glad you took the trouble.

Remember, failing the first, second or third time should never make you decide to quit.

Follow this strategy and you will be surprised at how easy it is to know what will work for you.
It’s not that difficult, is it?

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