Tasty 😋 Soups to Help You ☝🏼 Shed Pounds ⚖️ ...


Countless studies have proven that having soup as a daily part of your diet can help you to lose weight.

Since soup is filling, it is also slimming because you will be less hungry as a result of eating it.

But are all soups created equal?

Absolutely not!

Cream based soups should be steered clear of.2

Stick to broth based soups to be safe.

And if you have a spicier soup, this can rev your metabolic rate to help you burn fat.

Check out the soups that are the slimming tricks of the trade to help you achieve your goals!

1. Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup

Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup

Not the typical soup found in your grocer isle but this contains spicy jalapeño pepper that kicks your metabolism into high gear, while the apple cider vinegar has been proven to stabilize blood sugar levels after you eat.3

And another bonus is you will get plenty of filling fiber from the cabbage and protein from the chicken.

So this is definitely worth a try.

You may become hooked!

Recipe: prevention.com

Creamy CANNELLINI Soup with Miso Kale
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