Girls, Here's a Game Plan for All of You Who Want a Flat Belly Fast ...


We all want a flat belly now that summer is on the way and we’re getting ready to rock our bikinis.

Having a flat belly involves more than just cutting calories and getting enough exercise (though those two things are pretty important).

The foods you choose and the things you do over the course of a day also contribute.

So, courtesy of the experts at All You magazine, I’ve broken down your all day game plan for the flat belly you crave.

1. Start Your Day with a Bowl of Hot Oatmeal


Oatmeal is packed with fiber, a nutrient that fills you up for hours.

That means you won’t be rushing to the vending machine for some Cheetos before your first hour at work has even passed.

According to research, increasing your soluble fiber intake (that’s what kind is in oatmeal), helps reduce belly fat proportionally.

Toss in some berries or apple chunks to add even more fiber to your meal.

2. Sip a Steaming Mug of Green Tea between Breakfast and Lunch

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Because your oatmeal will fill you up, you aren’t going to need a snack between meals.

However, sipping some green tea can really help flatten your belly.


Because combining green tea with daily exercise produces an elevated reduction in belly fat, say the experts.

The green tea is said to increase fat burn, so go ahead and enjoy it!

3. Don’t Skip the Salad Dressing, Just Don’t Eat a Gallon of It

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You’ve probably heard that eating salad dressing will ruin your diet.

Yes, it certainly can.

But at the same time, research shows that the healthy fats in some types of salad dressing help your body absorb the nutrients in your veggies to a higher degree.

In addition, these healthy fats fight belly fat.

Think olive oil, avocado or safflower oil dressings.

Go for a Walk after You Finish Your Salad at Lunchtime
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