Can't Destroy 🛠 Your Belly Fat? 🙎🏽🙎🏿🙎🏻🙎🏼 Try This! 👉🏼👈🏼 ...

Many women find that when they lose their baby weight, a stubborn area of belly fat remains.

And it's not just new moms that have this 'spare tire' hanging around;

it's common in women who are approaching the menopause because of hormonal changes.

And younger women may find that they're stuck with stubborn belly fat even though they're working out.

It's frustrating, and can make us feel out of shape.

Whatever age you are, there are many different reasons why you may have belly fat - and here's what you can do about it …

1. Cut out Processed Food

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Refined sugar and other processed foods could be the culprit that's causing your belly fat to hang around.

They cause inflammation in the body - and that leads to belly fat.

Try cutting processed foods out of your diet, and replacing it with home-cooled food from simple, unprocessed ingredients.

You'll be healthier all round!