7 Ways to Tone up without Trying ...


7 Ways to Tone up without Trying ...
7 Ways to Tone up without Trying ...

Have you started thinking about the best ways to tone up for your Summer holiday? Now that the cooler weather is on its way out, we are all looking forward to adventuring across new lands – but the idea of slipping into a bikini will have most people running scared. Looking for quick ways to tone up and shape up? Here are some top tips…

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Beat Bloat…

Bloat is the enemy of a hot bikini body, so it’s something we definitely need to fight! The easiest way to reduce and relieve bloating is by drinking lemon water. Lemons are packed full of vitamin C, along with detoxifying and disinfecting minerals, and it’s a natural diuretic too. It’s even thought to work as a hunger suppressant. Just squeeze half a lemon into a bottle of water or green tea, and you’re all set to go. One of the easiest ways to tone up ever, right?!



Need to fill yourself with energy before that early morning run, or looking for a healthy breakfast to keep you energized all morning long? An omelet is a great choice. Packed with protein and goodness, it’s a great way to ensure you’ve got the drive to stay on the move all day. Add some low-fat cheese, which speeds up weight loss, along with fiber packed vegetables such as tomatoes to keep you feeling full.


Get Walking…

If you’ve been hibernating through the cooler weather, you might not feel ready to jump back into a grueling gym routine. Luckily, exercise doesn’t have to be tough to get you moving. Walking for 150 minutes a week will help you lose weight and keep your heart and lungs healthy, which works out to around thirty minutes a day over five days. If you don’t have time for an atmospheric stroll outside, try delivering messages around the office in person, walking down every aisle in the supermarket and visiting friends and neighbors on foot.


Get Playing…

Got kids? They are one of the very best ways to get toned! Everything from building sandcastles (including searching the sea for shells), playing soccer and riding bikes burns calories, and it’s fun enough that you’ll be distracted from the physical effort. If borrowing your own/someone else's kids for an exercise session isn’t possible, try joining a fun class such as trampolining or Frisbee.


Fake It ‘Til You Make It…

How are you sitting right now? Back straight? Tummy sucked in? Braced at the waist? Most people have worse postures than they think, and slouching encourages the stomach to gather and look less toned. Sitting up straight, with your ears over your shoulders and your shoulders over your ribs, will engage your abs and give you a more toned look.


Boring Booster…

Spend a lot of time on phone calls, or waiting around? Squats are a great way to tone up in just a little time. First, put the phone on speakerphone, and mute your microphone. Then stand with your feet wider apart than your hips, toes facing forward, and push back on your hips to move your body weight backwards onto your heels. Learn forward as your lower your hips, and hold your abs in. Keep your knees above your ankles, and squeeze your bum muscles to stand up. Repeat. You’ll be looking great in no time – just make sure you aren’t right in front of a window!


Ball Games…

Work from home, or have an office to yourself? Swap your office chair for a stability ball. Okay, so it might look a bit odd, but it’ll work your core muscles all day long and you’ll quickly see the benefits. If you want an easier start, try using a stability ball for an hour a day before switching back to your normal chair. It’s a great, and easy, workout!

How many of these ways to tone up will you be trying? I’m already sipping on lemon juice – it’s got an oddly summery, exotic feel to it! – and I’ll be checking out balancing balls too. Roll on bikini season! Got a great tip on toning up? I’d love to hear it!

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Haha did someone see you doing squats through the window or something? I remember once I started dancing and my neighbor was in their backyard on a ladder fixing a shack and they saw me. Embarrassing..

Tone up? Haha just eat an omelette

Nice article...

Don't forget water!!! Water water water...and eating healthy. I lost 10 pounds with just eating healthy and walking everyday. Also jogging everyday helps with the thighs!

At least you weren't naked dancing....more embarrassing!

Lemon tea in the morning empty stomach helps a lot meaning get a cup with water cuts slices of a whole lemon inside put it on the microwave to heat up and drink it, works!

I love these ideas.

Oh and teisseire lemon cordial is the best! And much faster than chopping up lemons..

Don't remind me Itzel! I need to do some running, but in 35 degree heat, it's less appealing! And yes, lunges or squats are amazing for the bum.. Can't believe such a simple exercise does so much in so little time! And yes, posture is so important - scholl footwear have helped my ankle (hips and back) so much!

@Esmeralda but its not good to have acid on an empty stomach because of all the build up of stomach acids throughout the night. This would be very bad for anyone with stomach acid reflux, ulcers in the family, or weak stomachs

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