8 Important Health and Fitness Goals for 2013 ...


8 Important Health and Fitness Goals for 2013 ...
8 Important Health and Fitness Goals for 2013 ...

As we are entering the third month of the year, many of us may be starting to realize that the fitness goals for 2013 that we were determined to stick by back in January at the start of the year are starting to become all but a distant memory. I know for myself, I started out the year with grand fitness goals that have now dwindled down to perhaps an exercise or two a week – and I am certainly indulging in more than one bowl of ice cream a week. In an effort to stay on better track, I have decided to share 8 of the top fitness goals for 2013; and I hope that this puts both you and I back on the right fitness path.

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Eating Right

One of the most important fitness goals for 2013 should be to eat a better diet. I am not talking about watching every calorie that you consume, but I am talking about cutting back on the pizza, the burgers and the gyros and making healthier choices, instead. Munch on veggies with hummus, have a salad topped with chick peas... you get the idea.


Whole Grain

This is part of diet, but it is so important that it is worth mentioning on its own. There is so much value in eating whole grain – vitamins, nutrients, fiber, etc. – that it really should be a focus of any well-balanced diet. It’s easy to do, too. Switch white breads, pastas, cereals and so forth for whole grain options.


Drink More Water

Our bodies are mostly made up of water, so it makes sense that drinking more water should be a part of a healthy diet. Also, our bodies tend to play a little trick on us and misread being thirsty as being hungry. When your stomach does a little growl, try drinking a glass of water to try to curb your hunger; you’ll be surprised by the results.


Walk More

Simple and straight forward, walking is an excellent activity to engage in and it is one of the best – and easiest – exercises that you can do. So, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs; park a little further away from the store entrance and just go on out and take a walk around your neighborhood after dinner.


Practice Yoga

Get in shape while gaining peace of mind with yoga. Yoga increases flexibility, balance and helps to shed pounds. It also offers some piece of mind. Also, it doesn’t matter what your ability level is, as this exercise is very easily adaptable to all ability levels.


Find a Motivator

Often times, we lose sight of our fitness goals because we lose motivation. In order to stay on track, find something tangible to motivate you. For example, buy a dress that you love in a size that is smaller than you currently are, or buy a bathing suit that you want to wear in the summer and put it in a place where you can see it regularly in order to stay motivated.


Give Yourself a Reward

When you reach a goal, treat yourself to a reward. Perhaps get a massage, go and get a manicure or a pedicure, or buy yourself a new item of clothing to show off your new, slender and sleek physique.


Buddy System

Rely on the help of a friend to reach your fitness goals. Create a fitness plan with a friend who also wants to get in shape and work together. Be each other’s motivators and you will be surprised by how successful you will be.

Staying in shape is more than just looking good, it is also about feeling good and being healthy. Are you trying to stay on the road to fitness? What types of strategies are you using?

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I just started yoga and I feel it in my body but really great in my mind too!

Great tips! You can never have enough water in between meals, but water can be boring sometimes, so as long I drink something, I know I won't get a headache later.. Plus my skin can clean itself! I also agree with walking. There are so many fat children these days it's disappointing to see how lazy we've become. Although some real exercise is necessary to lose weight or stay toned. Buddying up doesn't always work, as its easier to meet people who can work around you, eg. At a bouldering wall. In the end, a slow and steady routine, eg. 10 min in the gym before a swim can increase slowly to 50 mins! A recent app I discovered recently called in shape, is good for reps and small/no weights exercises.

Love the tips, do most of them, just can not stand Yoga, sorry but tried it and didn't like it. But love the rest of the tips, thanks.

good tips for everyone

Cool facts

Great tips, we all need to remember its a healthy lifestyle that keeps me going

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