7 Fitness Tips for Brides ...


7 Fitness Tips for Brides ...
7 Fitness Tips for Brides ...

Every bride wants to look and feel their best being toned and sculpted on their wedding day, so I've compiled a list of my best fitness tips for brides. There is no makeup, hairstyle, manicure or tan that can give you the look of sculpted shoulders and a lean body that exercise can bring! As a certified personal trainer, mother of three and owner of Tara’s Boot Camp, I have helped many brides drop dress sizes, sculpt and tone so that they can walk down the aisle with confidence. Through their journey these brides have learned to maintain a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, and now I will share these 7 fitness tips for brides with you!

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Keep Track of What You Eat

Utilizing a food diary to help you focus in your wedding day weight loss goal will not only help you become aware of everything you eat each day, but it can help you lose weight also. By writing down your food intake you will be more accountable and will be more likely to focus on healthy eating. I have found this to be enlightening since many of my clients never realized how much mindless snacking they had done throughout the day. This is such an important fitness tip for brides, or for anyone wanting to be more fit.


Eliminate Workout Boredom

Tired of working out on the treadmill? Then vary up your workouts. Join fitness classes that focus on cardio and strength exercises. There is a sea of endless workout possibilities to help you sculpt and tone for your wedding day.


Have Some Tea with Me

Did you know? If you substitute your daily latte or hot chocolate for a cup of instant coffee or tea can, you can save between 150 and 500 calories a day. Over the three-month countdown to your wedding day, that’s a saving of up to 21,000 calories - equivalent to 6 pounds of body fat!


Brides, H20 is the Way to Go

Having your centrally heated home at a higher temperature can lead to dehydration. Research shows that thirst is often confused with hunger so being dehydrated could actually cause you to eat more too. To avoid that happening drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day.


Slim down with Soup

According to a recent Penn University Study, eating a small bowl soup before your main meal can save up to 700 calories a week. Subjects who ate soup before lunch consumed 100 fewer calories at that meal. So go ahead have some soup and slim down to look leaner in your wedding gown!


Get to Bed, Sleepy Head

With all your wedding planning you will need plenty of sleep. And according to a Case Western Reserve University study women who sleep for five or fewer hours a night are 32% more likely to gain weight and 15% more likely to become obese than women who sleep for seven or more hours. It is believed that lack of sleep may slow metabolism or decrease the calories burned by spontaneous activities such as fidgeting. What better reason could there be to get some extra shut eye?


Keep Weight Loss Fun

As you count down the days until you get married keep your weight loss journey fun and exciting by trying new healthy recipes, having fun in your fitness programs, and rewarding yourself with motivating non-food-related items such as a massage or a facial. Train to get out for the next 5k and motivate and inspire people around you to begin their weight loss journey too!

With so many easy, fun fitness tips for brides on my list, there's sure to be something to motivate and inspire you to get fit before you big day. Remember: believe and you will achieve all of your wedding day fitness goals! Which of these tips do you find most helpful, and why?

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This article recommends everyone drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, but that's incorrect. We're supposed to drink 8, but if you're eating properly and healthy about half of those 8 glasses should be in the food we eat. A person shouldn't have to drink all 8, let alone 10.

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