7 Tips to Tone up Your Arms without Going to the Gym ...


7 Tips to Tone up Your Arms without Going to the Gym ...
7 Tips to Tone up Your Arms without Going to the Gym ...

We all want sleek, shapely arms ladies, but not everyone has the time, the inclination or the money to hit the gym every day of the week. I’ve done some research, girls, and, as it turns out, there’s a ton of effective arm exercises that fit easily into your daily schedule. De-flab and tone up while you’re getting on with your life, and in no time you’ll have guns that rival Madonna’s! Here’s a list of seven steps to better your biceps …

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Holistic Fitness

One of the most common body complaints from women concerns their upper arms. Many of us find it very difficult to build biceps and ditch the bingo wings, and experts suggest this might be because we tend to forget that the key to fabulous muscle tone lies in joint cardio, diet and weight training. Sadly, doing a few push ups every evening won’t change a thing unless you eat correctly and move a lot as well. In short, if you want to shape up your arms, you’ll go for a run, cut back on the sugary snacks and only then get on with some good old fashioned bicep curls.


Wrist Weights

Wrist weights are great for busy ladies. They come in all shapes and sizes but usually they’re small sandbags which you can adjust to make heavier or lighter, and they strap around your wrist. The idea is simply that you wear them as you go about your business. Your arms end up working harder, and in no time you’ll find your muscles are harder and stronger. Don’t forget to watch your diet as well though ladies, and take yourself for the odd trot around the block!



You don’t need to buy fancy gym equipment to give your arms a great work out. If you don’t have any weights, simply use something else: a bag of flour in each hand works pretty well, and every sofa in your home will make a great bench for tricep presses.


Play Ball

Ball tossing is a fab way to work out your arms, and it’ll take just a few minutes every morning. You won’t need any speciality gym stuff for this one girls, in fact, you don’t really even need a ball. Find yourself a roundish object, like a melon or a big grapefruit, lie on your back on you bed or towel, and simply throw your ‘ball’ into the air from your chest, catching it with straight arms.


Be Productive

How often do you simply sit watching TV in the evenings? Ladies, take advantage of this time to get to work on your arms. Do some simple bicep curls, or hold your arms out in front of you for a period of about half a minute before relaxing and doing it again. There’s a whole host of cool and super effective activities that won’t interrupt your viewing and will benefit your arms.

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Eat Yourself Toned

Girls, we’ve already discussed the importance of diet to any toning regime: losing fat from your body makes muscles more visible and immediately gives the impression of great tone. However there are also certain foods that contribute to good muscle tone, and also some which you should probably avoid. You want to increase your intake of proteins from lean meats like chicken and turkey, and cut back on empty calories from junk food, soft drinks and over processed snacks.


Arm Circles

Arm circles are easy to manage and a few solid minutes will contribute both to strength and definition. In any spare moment of the day, excuse yourself and in a private space, sit with your arms out from your shoulders and rotate in small, fast circular motions. You should feel your triceps and your biceps working.

As I’ve mentioned, girls, there can be no tone on its own. In order to get a great body you’ll need to eat right and get in some regular cardio as well, but ladies, it’s surprisingly easy to do these things once get into the habit. Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult chore, and if it fits easily into your life you’ll be way more likely to do it. What are your thoughts on this, girls? Do you have any great tips for toning up those arms without a bunch of fancy gym equipment? Let me know; I’d love to hear from you!

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