7 Fitness Techniques That Lead to Weight Gain ...

It takes a lot of courage, hard work, and determination to start an exercise program. Learning to exercise regularly and eat right is so hard – and to find that you are still gaining weight is like a kick in the head. The fact is that there are many fitness techniques that lead to weight gain. If you are doing everything you can to shed some pounds and find that you are gaining them instead, these problems might be why.

1. Exercising in the Morning

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A lot of people make the mistake of exercising as soon as they get up – without eating anything. They think if they start exercising on an empty stomach, they will burn more calories. On the contrary, it’s better to do your exercise later on during the day. That way, you will be at your peak for strength. You will also have more energy, because you will have eaten something. However, if you still want to exercise in the morning, give yourself time to eat a healthy breakfast, digest, and then start your workout.

2. Eating More

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That sounds self-explanatory, but let me explain. A lot of fitness techniques that lead to weight gain have a lot to do with when you work out – and whether you do it at all. A lot of people are afraid to work out, for instance, because they fear it will make them hungry, leading them to eat more. This is not true at all, especially if you’re eating right. Exercise is the best and healthiest exercise suppressant there is. You’re not going to overeat.

3. Too Many Crunches

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Lots of people live by crunches because they want superb abs, but too many of them can lead to weight gain. Besides, if you only to crunches, you’re not giving yourself a flat tummy. The key is to take care of your entire core, and all of your abdominal muscles. Otherwise, not only will your stomach not be flat and rock hard, but you can put on pounds as well – plus you won’t really be fighting the fat.

4. Overworking

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Another fitness technique that leads to weight gain revolves around how much time you work out. Overworking yourself is not going to make you get fit faster; the quality of the workout you do is much more important than the quantity. If you’re working out too much and end up sluggish, you won’t lose anything – and may even gain weight.

5. Getting in a Rut

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The key to exercising properly is to constantly challenge yourself. You may think it’s great that you know your routine by heart, but it’s actually detrimental. You won’t be working your hardest when you know exactly what you’re doing. The monotony of it may cause you to put on even more pounds.

6. Doing the Minimum

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Being too minimal is one of the biggest fitness techniques that lead to weight gain. If you think it’s enough to exercise half an hour a day, three days each week, and not do anything else, you’re kidding yourself. That may be when you do your exercise regime, but in order to really lose weight and keep it off, you have to be active all the time. It’s best if you exercise at least four to five days throughout the week as well.

7. Avoiding Weights

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Believe it or not, a lot of people avoid weights and toning because they believe it will make them gain weight and get too bulky. In fact, if you completely avoid any weight lifting, you’re far more likely to put on extra pounds. It’s important to tone and build muscle, otherwise you won’t be truly fit.

There are tons of fitness techniques that lead to weight gain, and no one ever even realizes it. When you make the promise to get fit, you have to realize how much work it takes. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

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