7 Things You'll Need for the P90X Workout ...

Six weeks ago, I started the P90X workout, and I have never been in better shape, not even in my teens when I was running cross-country. I feel fantastic, look great in my swimsuit, and I owe it to P90X and a careful diet. If you’re looking to lose weight or just tone and sculpt your body in time for bikini season, I recommend the P90X workout, for sure. It’s difficult, especially at first — honestly, my first day, I worked out so hard I threw up (not recommended). But P90X gives you the results you want, and you don’t even have to find the inspiration to get to the gym, because you do the workout at home. Before you start, though, talk to your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for this cardio-intense workout… then take this list to your nearest fitness store to get the rest of your P90X supplies. Here are 7 things you’ll need for the P90X workout.

1. The P90X Workout DVDs

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Price:** $139.80 at amazon.com
While this set of DVDs may seem a little pricey, keep in mind you won’t be paying a gym membership, and that you’ll have the results you want in only 90 days… which calculates to a mere $1.55 per day. It’s a total body fitness program, which includes yoga, stretching, cardio, weight training… and even a nutrition program, so you won’t need to buy those classes separately! It’s actually a bargain!

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