8 Exercises for Morning Workout Routine Are You Doing Them Right?

By Lyndsie

Morning Workout Routines are hard to get used to, don't you think? I mean, who wants to get up and workout, first thing? I can think of about a billion things I'd rather be doing than a morning workout routine. The problem is, I make myself do them anyway, but that kind of philosophy almost guarantees that I'm not doing them properly. You need to get all you can out of morning exercises, you know? If you need help in that area as well, then I have plenty of exercises for a morning workout routine you can try – and you can make sure you're doing them right!

1 Walking

Walking might not seem like the most exciting morning workout routine, I grant you that, but trust me when I say it works. You don't have to incorporate it every morning, but if you can, you'll be glad you did. Otherwise, on those mornings when you really don't have time for a lot of different exercises, a brisk walk will do you very well.

2 Yoga

Every morning routine benefits from yoga. Whether you start out with it or use it as a cool down, it's a great way to make sure your muscles are stretched, flexible, and supple throughout the day. Yoga clears your mind and fine tunes your body, making it ideal for any routine in the morning. If you want to start your day relaxed and stress free, this is the way to do it.

3 Strength Training

Your morning workout routine isn't complete without some serious strength training exercises, either. People tend to forget about their muscles, and always focus on cardio instead. However, you need to take care of your muscles, so even if you only use some light weights or a resistance band in the morning, your body will thank you.

4 Crunches

I abhor crunches, but I make myself do them all the same. I personally prefer these to sit ups, because they aren't so hard on your back and neck, and you can do more of them. You don't have to do so many that your abs are on fire the rest of the day; start out trying to do 10 or 15, and work up to doing 30.

5 Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are pretty old school, sure, but doing them for five minutes every morning is still incredibly effective. Jacks incorporate muscles all throughout the body, which is why they're such a good idea. They're also easy, and they provide what feels like a rest after you've done the rest of this early morning exercises!

6 Squats

Like squats, for instance. I hate squats, too – they set my legs on fire! – but they're still a part of my morning workout routine. Squats give you a butt to die for, and they'll leave your thighs and calves toned and taut. Just don't overdo them, and try not to lose your balance.

7 Push-Ups

Push-ups are awful too – do y'all see a theme going on here? They're also hard to do, whether they're proper push-ups or modified ones. Still, if you can do either of those, definitely incorporate them into your morning routine. You can also do the kind of push-ups where you brace your hands on the wall, a short table, or a sturdy chair – there's less resistance, but you can also do more reps.

8 Stretches

Finally, no morning workout routine can really succeed without plenty of stretches. You need to do them before you start, of course, but they also make for a great cool down after. You can do twists, side stretches, hamstring stretches, quad stretches, and definitely arm stretches as well. Give all your muscles a good work – it will make all the other exercises go easier.

If your morning workout routine has been giving you a hard time, then I really hope this helps. Some gurus say you shouldn't work out in the morning, but I think it gives me just the jolt of energy I need to get through the day. Sure, a Redbull will do the same thing (and I do love me some Redbull), but you don't get the rush of endorphins offered by a great morning workout routine. Why don't you share a bit about your morning workout routine, too. What exercises really get you motivated in the morning?

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