11 Effective Exercises 💪🏼 to Slim Your Arms 🤳🏼 into Perfection 👌🏼 ...

I want to get my arms in shape. Right now they're okay, but I never feel super great about going out in sleeveless shirts. I don't necessarily want guns or anything, I just want my arms to be more toned – and slimmer. I don't want to deal with that toneless flap for the rest of my life, you know? Fortunately, it's relatively easy to tone your arms and make them thinner. They don't have to be heavily muscled; there are exercises for slimming your arms that will just leave them shapely and comely!

1. Bicep Curls

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Whenever you want to find exercises for slimming your arms, it's important to focus on your biceps. Bicep curls are great for that, and they're easy to do. You need some small weights, and you can start really small if you need to, gradually working your way up to something heavier. Five pound weights fall right in the middle. Anyway, your back needs to be straight, you hold the weights with your palms facing forward, and you curl each hand to your shoulder.

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