11 Effective Exercises to Slim Your Arms into Perfection ...


11 Effective Exercises to Slim Your Arms  into Perfection ...
11 Effective Exercises to Slim Your Arms  into Perfection ...

I want to get my arms in shape. Right now they're okay, but I never feel super great about going out in sleeveless shirts. I don't necessarily want guns or anything, I just want my arms to be more toned – and slimmer. I don't want to deal with that toneless flap for the rest of my life, you know? Fortunately, it's relatively easy to tone your arms and make them thinner. They don't have to be heavily muscled; there are exercises for slimming your arms that will just leave them shapely and comely!

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Bicep Curls

clothing,hair,swimwear,beauty,black hair, Whenever you want to find exercises for slimming your arms, it's important to focus on your biceps. Bicep curls are great for that, and they're easy to do. You need some small weights, and you can start really small if you need to, gradually working your way up to something heavier. Five pound weights fall right in the middle. Anyway, your back needs to be straight, you hold the weights with your palms facing forward, and you curl each hand to your shoulder.


Hammer Curls

clothing,swimwear,undergarment,muscle,leg, Hammer curls work both your biceps and your forearms. This time, while holding the weights, your palms should face inward and you need to keep your elbows near your body. It's basically the same as a bicep curl, where you bring your hands up to your shoulder, but actually, the direction of your palm makes a huge difference.


When you perform hammer curls, the neutral grip—palms facing each other—targets the brachioradialis muscle, a part of the forearm that can really pop when developed. This contributes to a more chiseled look and enhances your grip strength. Remember to keep your movements controlled, especially on the way down. The slow descent is as important as the curling motion for stimulating muscle growth and ensuring a full range of motion. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 reps, using weights that challenge you while still allowing you to maintain proper form. Your efforts will be rewarded with toned and tight arms that look fabulous in sleeveless tops!


Modified Push-Ups

clothing,swimwear,beauty,leg,supermodel, I abhor push-ups, but a modified version is really a great exercise for slimming your arms. With this version, you're on your knees, which makes it easier to get your arms completely extended as you push up with your arms. If you're not good at regular push-ups, this is a great alternative, and it will still work your arms beautifully.


Triceps Dips

clothing,undergarment,swimwear,supermodel,lingerie, This exercise is ideal if you want the backs of your arms toned. Get a chair, and position yourself so you're a few feet away from it as you face away. Your hands go on the seat, which should be behind you now, but your fingers need to be pointing toward your body. With your legs straight, dip down slowly, using your arms in a slow bend. Stop when your hiney is ready to nearly touch the floor. Then, use your arms – primarily your triceps – to push yourself up again.


Triceps Extensions

clothing,undergarment,lingerie,underpants,active undergarment, Triceps extensions are great for your arms as well, but with this exercise, you're also helping your biceps. What you want to do is sit down, keeping your head, your neck, and your spine straight. You'll need one of your weights for this one too, because you'll be lifting your arms over your head, so that your palms face inward, allowing you to clasp your fingers over it. Using just the muscles in your upper arms, you need to lower your weight down so it's behind your head, then hold it before going back up so your elbows are straight.


Arm Circles

clothing,person,active undergarment,thigh,black hair, This is another great exercise for slimming your arms, and it's super easy. Hold your arms straight out to either side of you – and make circles! Be a windmill! As a kid in gym class, you probably thought this was the dumbest exercise ever, but it's really helpful. Start out circling your arms to the front; begin with tiny circles, then work your way up to bigger ones. There are no real reps with this, so do it for 3-5 minutes, then reverse direction and repeat.


Diagonal Raises

clothing,swimwear,vacation,muscle,leg, This exercise uses your weights too, and it's great for your shoulders as well as your arms. You need to be standing, with your right arm straight. Holding your weight in your right hand, let it cross your body, so that your hand is next to your left hip. Now, gradually lift your arm straight out in front of your body, keeping it straight, and then lift it up at a diagonal so it ends up over your right shoulder, completely extended. Hold it for a minute, then steadily drop it back down to your starting position. After a few reps, you can do the same with your left side.


Shoulder Press

clothing,dress,undergarment,lingerie,long hair, For this exercise, you'll need dumbbells. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bring your hands to your shoulders with your palms facing out. After you do that straighten your arms above your head then bring them back down. While you do this, make sure not to raise your shoulders up or that will hinder your results. Do 20 reps of this exercise. You'll definitely feel the burn if you're not used to working your arms and shoulders.


Overhead Bend

clothing,swimwear,beauty,supermodel,muscle, Still using the dumbbells from the previous exercises, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your right arm down and bend your left arm, bringing your hand to your shoulder. From this position straighten your left arm while leaning from your waist to your right side. After doing this straighten up and lower your left arm back to the bent position. Continue doing this for for 25 reps and then switch sides.


Straight Arm Shrug

clothing,barechestedness,muscle,bodybuilding,swimwear, Stand with your arms straight out to your sides holding dumbbells in each hand. Start with your right shoulder and shrug it up to your ear. Continue to shrug your shoulder for 30 reps. After this, switch shoulders and start shrugging your left shoulder up to your ear. Make sure not to let either arm drop whether it's being shrugged or not.


The Pilates Press

human action,clothing,person,girl,lady, Start in a push-up position. This position should leave you on your palms and the balls of your feet. Make sure that your back and neck are straight; don't let your head drop down. Lower yourself as close to the floor as possible while keeping your elbows close to your body. Once you've lowered yourself, hold that position for only a second or two and then lift back up. Continue to do this for three sets of 12 reps. If you can't hold your body weight like this, then instead of being on the balls of your feet lean on your knees with your ankles crossed.

The exercises for slimming your arms are extremely easy! They won't take a lot of time out of your day, and in no time at all, you'll start seeing results. It's not too late to start now, so you can have toned, pretty arms for summer. Do you know of any other quick, easy exercises that will slim down your arms?

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I love this website so much :)

Hi I want to tone my armS undernith. Which exercise. Should I do.. Thank you


I've acknowledged that there are a few different meanings of toned, for these exercises would it be slim and sleek or big and buff?

How many reps and sets should I do for each exercise?

hey buddies, m desperate to loose ma arm fats.. for some reasons m not available with weights and all.. suggest me please.. what should i do.. m worried.

Hi just got down to my goal weight and looking for a easy and fast way to tone up my arms..any suggestions?

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