7 Ways to Eat 🍴 Your Fave 😁 Summer ☀️ Treats While Still Losing Weight ⚖️ ...


When you think of losing weight, usually the first thing that comes to your mind is deprivation, diet changes and non-stop fitness. You think you have to change everything and give up all the foods you love to actually see results, right? And since summer is approaching you think what a bummer to miss out on all your fave summer treats. But don’t stress because with modifications, portion control and smart eating, you can still enjoy all your favorite summer treats while still slimming down!

1. Portion Control

Portion Control

Your daily visit to the ice cream shop does not necessarily have to stop just for you to lose weight, because with proper portion control you can enjoy in moderation. There is the small, medium, large and oh yeah, the kid’s size. The kid’s version of ice cream is no more than a few teaspoons and as a result will not impact your weight loss. So enjoy in moderation!

Enjoy Summer Veggies
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