7 Ways to Achieve Your Spring Weight Loss Goals ...


For most of us spring is the time to get outdoors more often and get in touch with nature, so why not use this activity as time to achieve your weight loss goals? Spring cleaning in your home, landscaping your property, and just moving around in the warmer weather all contribute to burning more calories. Evidence shows that it's easier to lose weight in the spring for this reason. To spring into your weight loss and health goals, I will help you with my trainer tips so that you can lose weight, tone, and be ready for bathing suit season!

1. Outside Your Home

Create your own garden plot. This not only increases your daily activity but also sets the stage for wonderful organic vegetables in late spring and summer. You cannot get more locally grown than from your backyard! If you don't have a garden or room for a garden in your yard, support your local farmer's market. Even regular grocery stores have locally grown produce and they often have weekly specials on whatever is in season.

In Your Neighborhood
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