7 Things That Happen to Your Body when You Lose Weight ...


When going on a diet, you may not be aware of some things that happen to your body when you lose weight, so Iโ€™m going to share them with you. Losing weight is no easy task, but it is one that anyone can do. Yet, I do think that everyone should know about what is going on inside the body in the meantime, for the best success possible. Understanding body chemistry during weight loss can help prevent getting frustrated, keep you from going hungry and โ€œcheatingโ€ from not getting enough calories, or from suffering from changes to the hormones or energy levels during weight loss. Read about some of these simple things that happen to your body when you lose weight. By being informed, youโ€™ll have all the information you need for success that wonโ€™t lead you to giving up or feeling poorly.

1. Your Cortisol Increases

One of the many things that happen to your body when you lose weight that people donโ€™t consider is that it physically stresses your body out, especially your hormones, unless you're careful. While many doctors prescribe patients to lose weight to remove stress, losing weight actually increases stress in the body for some people instead. Depending on your state of health, weight loss can increase cortisol, the stress hormone. Your hormones directly affect every function in your body, and your hormones are also affected by how you eat and how active you are. It can be a tricky thing to manage, so it is important to eat in a way that prevents excess cortisol surges. To lower stress, participate in activities that are more calming like yoga, walking and PIlates, or even hiking. These are great low stress exercises that actually lower cortisol in the body, while also promoting calorie burning and weight loss. You should also eat mostly protein, greens, green vegetables and low glycemic starches, with healthy fats. Controlling your blood sugar is key to losing weight, so eat and exercise to combat excess cortisol that leads to stress, binging, and weight gain.

You Lose Water First
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