7 Simple Snack Swaps for Weight Loss ...

So, it's eleven o'clock in the morning or mid-afternoon and the Cookie Monster has appeared at the door, ready to wreak havoc with your diet, but fear not as there are some simple snack swaps for weight loss, which will help banish those troublesome hunger pangs and help you keep those new year resolutions to lose those extra pounds or just to be more healthy. The year has started so well for us all but there are certain times of the day when our sugar levels take a nose dive and we need that special something to pick us up. Here are my favorite snack swaps for weight loss that help satiate my hunger and that will do no damage to the waistline.

1. Fruit

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This is the most obvious healthy snack so when you're craving that sweet treat and looking for one of the most simple snack swaps for weight loss, reach not for the candy bar but for the fruit bowl. If you don't have one yet, why not buy a fruit bowl for the office and take it in turns to fill it. Being surrounded by healthy foods will remind you to eat healthier. Dried fruits are another great option, whether it's figs, dates or prunes. Don't go crazy with the dried variety as their sugar is more concentrated than their hydrated counterparts, but three or four pieces of dried fruit as a snack wont do you any harm.

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