9 Rules to Follow if You Want to Lose Weight without Counting Calories ...


As crazy as it may sound, you can actually lose weight without counting calories (or even carbs or fat grams), and it's not as hard as you might think. Losing weight is an uphill battle for many women, just like gaining weight can be for others. Because all of our bodies are uniquely different and have different metabolisms, the idea of all of us taking in the same set number of calories just doesn't make sense. While a magazine may tell you that you only need 1200 calories to lose weight, you may be much more active and need more than that to support your body and weight loss efforts. It's always best to eat depending on how active you are and eat healthy foods. If you're looking to lose weight in the midst of a busy lifestyle and you have a hearty appetite, no fear. It's completely possible with these 9 simple rules. Being hungry is no fun, so ditch all the mental math equations and stop counting those calories!

1. Eat a Lot of Vegetables

When you eat a lot of vegetables, you automatically limit the room in your diet for all the unhealthy stuff and can easily lose weight without counting calories. Think about it: if you fill up your plate with at least 50-60% produce then there's not much room left on your plate (or in your belly) for the bad stuff. Consume leafy greens, green veggies, root veggies, and lots of red, yellow, and orange veggies too.

Eat Breakfast
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