7 of My New Favorite Weight Loss Tips That Are Simple but Work ...


Do you have any favorite weight loss tips? I know that I do, but I am constantly looking for new ones to add to my routine. My favorite weight loss tips are those that are both easy to follow and successful. Here's a list of some tips that I'm currently following. See if any of them have worked for you.

1. Take a Break during Your Meal

Many weight loss tips are hard to follow, but this one can easily become part of you routine. Most people are surprised by how much less they eat by simply taking a little break during their meal. Any time you eat, simply stop eating every couple of minutes and count to 30 in your head. No one will know what you're doing. Plus, this will give you some time to evaluate how hungry you are. This has quickly became one of my new favorite weight loss tips.

Sip on Water
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