How to Stick to 🔐 Your New Year's Resolution 🍾of Losing Weight ⚖️ ...


Are you one of the millions around the world who over-indulged in the holiday season and now needs to shed some pounds? The best way to do it is the healthy way! No crash dieting, no fad diets … just good sense and some time-honored tips. These little ways will help big in your New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Think about your lifestyle, weekly routine, any upcoming parties and trips and what realistic goal for weight loss will fit into this given scenario. There's no point setting over-ambitious targets which you cannot meet. This will only lead to abandoning your weight loss plans long-term. Don’t set yourself up to fail by deciding to lose 8lbs in a week or anything that requires MAJOR changes to achieve.

Start a Diary
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