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Are you wondering how to count calories for weight loss success?

In recent years, calorie counting has fallen out of favour as a weight loss regime with fad diets, low-something diets and elimination diets becoming increasingly popular. The fact remains however, that weight loss is scientific. To lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than your body needs and uses. Ergo for successful weight loss, you need to track calories to be sure that you are under-consuming. But the ways of counting calories have been updated. Here's how to count calories for weight loss success.

1. Calculate How Many You Need

The first answer to how to count calories for weight loss success is to figure out how many you need each day. Rather than simply starving yourself to make sure your calorie count for the day is low, do the math related to your height and weight to figure out how many calories you need to actually maintain healthy body function and energy. Once you have this base number, you can then start to make sensible food choices about what you are eating, and once you have hit your magic number, you know that anything after that isn’t appropriate for weight loss.

Don’t Overestimate Working out
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