How to Continue Your Weight Loss Journey While on Vacation ...


A vacation is a time to hang loose, relax and just enjoy life. However, it can be a real drag if you’re on a diet or trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Hands up how many of you have returned home from vacation and all the memories of the great time you had are out the window because you step on the scale the morning after you get home? Yep, as I expected - a sea of hands! But that doesn’t mean you should ruin a vacation by not being able to indulge, or try fabulous new food, or a drink or two. It’s best to find a balance. Have a great time and not freak out at the needle on the scale with these handy tips:

1. Eat before You Travel to Avoid Mindless Munching on the Journey

One of the very first tips that will help you to avoid weight gain on vacation is to have a good, balanced meal before you set off on your travels. Eating and snacking at an airport is never the healthiest option with a plethora of fast food outlets, and then the food on the plane may not be the best either. Knowing you have started your vacation on the right note will encourage you not to binge while away.

Bring Some Sportswear to Remind You to Keep Fit
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