7 Healthiest Types of Bread for Weightloss ...

If your love for bread is preventing you from losing weight, it is time that you switch to the healthiest types of bread, instead of fueling your body with refined grains that are only damaging your health. Bread can complement any meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is why it is so much harder to give up! Your diet reflects your physique and after all β€˜you are what you eat’ so you have to make some sacrifices even if they come in a form of white bread. Here are some of the healthiest types of bread to serve as alternatives.

1. Rye Bread

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One of the healthiest types of bread is rye bread. Since rye bread is 100% wheat-free, it can help alleviate bloating and discomfort, in addition to keeping you full for a longer period of time! Plus it contains four times the fiber and 20% fewer calories than regular white bread! Why not make the switch without giving up bread completely?

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