8 Workouts You Won't Hate ...


8 Workouts You Won't Hate ...
8 Workouts You Won't Hate ...

Girls, even the most motivated of the gym junkies among us sometimes can’t bear the thought of hitting that treadmill or elliptical machine. For most of us, working out is work and that means at times we tend to avoid it. For all you ladies out there bored stiff by stationary bikes, free weights and crunches, here’s a list of fun ways to stay in shape you’ll love …

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Belly Dancing

This ancient style of dance originated from the Middle East and was designed specifically to strengthen womens' midsections and tone hips in preparation for childbirth. While the focus has changed – we’re thinking less about babies and more about jeans sizes – the work out is still super-effective and so much fun into the bargain.


Nintendo Wii

Girls, need I say more? I’m sure by now most of you have experienced this cool little console which comes with 5 sports simulations designed to keep those arms in shape. Better still is the Wii Fit and the 40+ exercise programmes that come with it as standard



This sensational martial arts-dance fusion dates back to the 16th century when it was developed in Brazil. It’s unique combination of rhythmic movement, acrobatics and kickboxing promises to have you toned and fighting-fit before you even know it.


Pole Dancing

This risqué brand of exercise has been developed by those in the know to help ladies unleash their inner vixen while toning up at the same time. It’s great for increasing muscle control and losing those bingo-wings, and something tells me your man won’t be unhappy about it either!



Ladies, I know this one sounds difficult but trust me, once you’re out there in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful scenery, you won’t notice how hard those thighs and calves are working. Hiking is great fat burning cardio and spending some time in the open improves mental attitude as well.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana


Nia is the easy name for Neuromuscular Integrative Action and girls, I promise it’s more fun than it sounds! This one-of-a-kind exercise programme blends tae chi, jazz and yoga (among others) into a fresh dance-style workout that’s great for mind and body.



This vibrant cardio dance workout combines flamenco with aerobics and whole lot of attitude to create an hour of exercise that feels way more like fun. This is great fat-burning ladies, and it really gives us girls a chance to cut loose.



It’s time to get vicious ladies and strap on those gloves. Boxing is a fantastic workout and tones arms and stomach while burning fat and getting rid of any pent up frustration you might have been keeping under wraps.

Any of these will be far more exciting than an hour on the stationary bike, right? Ladies, how do you make your workout time more fun? Do you have any fabulous secrets to share? Pleas do tell! I'm always looking for a fun new work-out...

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