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In my opinion, anything that makes exercising more fun is worth trying; at least once. I’ve always preferred to run outdoors along an old country road or just around the block a few times, as opposed to using a treadmill indoors. If you find yourself getting into a daily routine of running on the treadmill and feel it is becoming a tedious task, then you might like the tips I’ve listed below. Here are 7 ways to make the treadmill more fun.

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Move the Treadmill outside

If I was fortunate enough to have a treadmill of my very own, I would totally put it outside on the back deck. I’d get to feel the breeze in my face, hear the chatter of the birds and squirrels in the trees, and enjoy fresh air as I trudged along on the ol’ treadmill.


Change up Your Routine

I used to think that having a routine would make my life much simpler. For the most part, a routine does make my daily routine a bit less complicated. However, there are certain aspects in life that are better left alone. Having a routine time to workout is one of these aspects I’m referring to. I find that if I know exactly when I should be heading to the gym, yoga class, the pool, or wherever I’m going to be working out at, I start to dread going. If you find yourself getting into a rut about using the treadmill, then try being a bit more sporadic in your treadmill usage.


Start a Competition with a Friend

I like a good competition every now and then. You don’t have to be on a treadmill right beside your friend in order to have a successful competition either. Make up a chart to show how many miles you and your friend have completed. You could put a time limit on when the competition should end. The person with the least amount of miles has to buy the other person lunch or dessert. I’d compete in a treadmill competition with my friend for a big piece of pecan pie!


Make a Progress Chart for Yourself

Having something to work towards helps you to remain focused a bit better, instead of simply hopping onto the treadmill and plodding alone aimlessly. Make check marks each time you complete a certain amount of miles or see how many miles you can do in a set amount of time. Keeping track of your progress will help you see how much you’ve improved over time.


Talk to Someone While You Are on the Treadmill

I’ve had friends who would call up a friend on their cell phone and chat as they walked on the treadmill. This might be a bit more difficult if you are doing more jogging or flat out running on a treadmill. I know I could never talk and run at the same time. It completely messes with my breathing and makes my side ache! If you have the luxury of being able to go to the gym with a friend, then chat while you each walk on a treadmill. It would be very similar to taking a stroll through town together, but without the worry of being run over by a distracted driver.


Put in a Movie

I used to jog on a treadmill in a very small recreation center and there was a television on in the corner opposite the machine I used each time. I found that watching the news distracted me from the tedious task of jogging in the same place for an endless number of miles. It didn’t distract me so much that I would fall or anything like that, but it did take my mind off of being stuck in the same place; despite the number of miles I ran.


Listen to Music

Mp3 players are a wonderful thing! You don’t have to worry about a CD skipping or the equipment being too bulky. These little devices are extremely compact and can hold hundreds of songs. With a good soundtrack, I can run for miles!

If you are looking for methods to put a bit of spark into your treadmill experience, then try some of ones I mentioned in the list above. Out of these 7 ways to make the treadmill more fun, which ones do you think would work well for you?

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