7 Exercises You Can do Sitting down ...


One of the hardest things about exercising is finding the time to do it. For instance, I am glued to my desk chair almost all day, and when I'm not sitting here, I'm running around doing errands or taking care of assorted things in the house. There is no time. So I got to thinking, well, why can't I exercise while I'm sitting on my butt and writing? I could think of no viable answer explaining why I wasn't doing this, and so when on a searching, leading me to find 7 exercises you can do sitting down.

1. Bicycling

This counts on a technicality because, I mean, you do sit on a bike, you know? Most of the following exercises are relegated to being able to sit at your desk or in your office and exercise, so I wanted to throw in an actual activity or two. This is the first one, because I love riding a bike, especially when the weather gets warmer.

Forward Bends
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