25 5-Minute Weight Loss Tricks ...

Lydia Jane

25 5-Minute Weight Loss  Tricks  ...

When it comes to weight loss, the one thing that tends to scare people who are just starting out on their journey is the thought of how long it is going to take to reach their goal. Of course, there is no getting away from the fact that losing weight isn’t something that you can do overnight, but what you can do in order to help your mind stay focused and committed is break down your efforts into small chunks. Here are twenty-five five-minute weight loss tricks to get you started!

1 Go for a Walk for Five Minutes Every Single Day. over the Course of a Week or a Month or a Year, These Five Minutes Can Add up to Some Significant Mileage!

2 Put a Bowl of Fruit out on Your Counter and Keep It Stocked. It's an Easy Way to Encourage Healthy Snacking

3 Take Some Time to Drink a Glass of Water before Every Main Meal. You Will Find That You Eat Less Because You Feel Full Earlier

4 Use Smaller Plates and Bowls than You Used to. It is Almost an Optical Illusion for Still Eating Full Portions but with Fewer Calories

5 Doing Even Five Minutes’ Worth of HIIT Exercise Every Day Can Help to Boost Your Metabolism and Increase Your Fat Burning

6 Put a Mirror on the Front of Your Fridge. It Might Make You Think Twice if You Want to Grab a Snack during the Day

7 Swap One Cup of Tea or Coffee per Day for a Cup of Green Tea Instead; It is Great for Encouraging Weight Loss

8 Pack a Healthy Snack for Yourself to Eat during the Day Rather than Being Tempted to Head to the Shop or Cafeteria for Something Less Nutritious

9 Go to Bed Five Minutes Earlier than You Usually do. You Should Never Underestimate the Benefits of a Good Sleeping Routine

10 Rearrange Your Fridge and Pantry to Put the Unhealthier Items from Other People in the House out of Your Immediate Reach

11 When You Are Making a Meal from a Recipe, Double or Even Triple the Amount of Vegetables That It Suggests

12 Write Your Workout Programme for the Week on Paper and Put It on Your Fridge. It’s Always Helpful to Have Something Physical to Look Back on for Inspiration and Assurance

13 When You Have a Hunger Craving, Spend Some Minutes Imagining Yourself Eating the Food Instead of Actually Going to Consume It!

14 Plan Your Meals out for the Next Five Days. It Only Takes Five Minutes and Will save You Lots of Unhealthy Choices

15 Ask Yourself Why You Are Working so Hard to Lose the Weight, and Five Minutes Pondering That Will Probably Win out over the Temptation to Snack

16 Don’t Get Too Invested in Fat-Free Foods Because They Are Usually Loaded with Other Unhealthy Things like Sugar and Salt

17 Sniff a Banana! They Have a Naturally Sweet Scent That Has Been Proven to Be Able to Lower Your Appetite!

18 Pack Your Workout Clothes the Night before You Are Planning on Going to the Gym. It Leaves You with No Excuses Not to Go

19 Add Fruits and Vegetable to Your Food Plate First so That There Isn’t Much Room Left for Other, More Unhealthy Items

20 Take a Few Sips of Coffee before You do a Work out; a Small Amount of Caffeine Can Jump Start Your Metabolism

21 Take Time to Count Your Bites when Eating. It Forces You to Slow down and You Will Be Less Likely to Overeat

22 Put Your Alarm Clock across the Room from You so That You Absolutely Have to Get up on Time in Order to Turn It off

23 Switch out Your Knife and Fork for a Pair of Chopsticks. It Will Force You to Eat Slower and More Mindfully!

24 No Matter How Little Physical Exercise You do, Always Take the Time to Track Your Progress and Your Data. It Will Be Helpful in the Bigger Picture

25 When at a Restaurant, Always Ask for Your Dressing to Brought out on the Side Rather than Already Mixed in with Your Salad