7 Ways to Use Self-Hypnosis 🔮 for Weight Loss ⚖️ for Girls Desperate to Find a Solution 🙇🏻‍🙇🏼‍🙇🏽‍🙇🏿‍ ...


You may have heard about hypnosis as a method of helping you lose weight;

it works on dealing with the psychological reasons why you're eating too much.

So in theory it could be a lot more effective than simply cutting down on calories, as it should help you get into good long-term habits.

But what if you can't afford to see a practitioner?

Try self-hypnosis …

1. Choose a Comfortable Place

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Start by picking a comfortable place for your self-hypnosis session.

It needs to be a place where you won't be disturbed, so warn everyone you're having time out and switch your phone off.

Pick a comfortable chair that supports your head and neck, or sit straight so that you're not slumping.

You can also lie down.

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