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For 2014, there are so many weight loss trends that work, some new and some old, so what really works? With each year comes fads and trends, some realistic and some just plain crazy! But the trends that work can help you to stay on track and stay motivated so that you can achieve your weight loss goals. As a certified trainer, I help to bring clarity to the weight loss trends that work and here are just a few:

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Using Portable Trackers

The Fitbit, Jawbone and other wearable tracking devices can track the steps you take, amount of staircases you climb, calories you burn and even the times you are most active during the day. This portable tracking devices can help motivate you to get your butt off the coach and into motion. Using portable trackers are one of the weight loss trends that work!


Cutting out Carbs at Night

Gone are the days of the Atkins when cutting out all carbs was the norm. The new trend is to cut out carbs 3-4 hours before you go to sleep and it really does work! If you cut out carbs several hours before you go to sleep, your body will burn calories while you sleep rather than having to burn off the bag of popcorn you just ate. You also will have a more restful sleep!


Food Delivery

Say farewell to the food delivery trend of processed, packaged, high sodium food and hello to the new food delivery trend of shakes. Many individual nutritionists are creating green shakes and antioxidant blends for those on the run or not sure how to create health perfection. The shakes are pricey but well worth it if you are clueless in creating the perfect healthy shake with all vital nutrients and vitamins. These shakes are a great way to detoxify your body and prepare you for your next big event because you can lose as much as 5 pounds in a week on these shakes!


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is still a trusted weight loss trend that works because it teaches you to eat all meals in a portion controlled manner. Following this plan, you are able to continue to eat the same but just cut back on all portions. This trend will continue to go strong because it is a plan that really works for people of all ages and activity levels!


Eliminating Sugar Plan

The average American eats way too much sugar and as a result they are overweight. Consuming excess sugar causes excess bloating, weight gain and uncontrollable mood swings. Eliminate this toxin from your diet and you will be amazed as you watch the number on the scale drop. This weight loss trend will continue to weigh in high in success because it really works!


Online Tracking

With all the iphones, androids and other phones, online tracking has become a place for dieters to turn to stay on track. You can use online tracking to log your weight and activity level to help you to stay in line. If you are having trouble staying honest with what you are eating, this just may be your best solution!


Following Fitness Apps

For every fitness enthusiast and those wannabes, fitness apps can help you get in the workout zone. By following workouts with a daily fitness app, you can find yourself more motivated and even performing exercises with better form. Fitness apps are like having a personal trainer on your phone!

Now that you know the fitness trends that work, what plan will you follow? Or do you follow a different plan that is not on this list? Make sure whatever you do, you find what works best for you and your health!

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i had a jawbone but it died on me two months back - maybe i might get a new one sometime soon, i miss logging workouts!

I use plenty of stuff on my phone. using pump up, a food tracker, a pedometer and doing multiple challenges, actually succeeding this time!

do you have any suggestions on fitness apps?

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