11 Ways to Wake up Thinner ...

There are many ways to wake up thinner without the overnight bloat if you follow my easy and healthy tips. We all dream of waking up being thinner than the day before. How great would it be if we awoke leaner than the day prior? Wow, that would be such a relief! And while this dream sounds far from reality there are ways to wake up thinner.

1. Eat Your Daily Fiber

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Make sure to eat plenty of fiber to aid in the digestive process and to eliminate bloating. You can get your daily fiber through fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating ample fiber is one of the top ways to wake up thinner. I may sure to eat my 5 veggies every day to feel like a lean, mean fighting machine (okay maybe I am not so mean... *wink).

2. Drink Plenty of Water

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Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to fully hydrate your body and eliminate bloating. When your body is dehydrated you will awake retaining water and feeling bloated. So make sure you drink up!

3. Just Dance Already

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Dancing can be a great way to burn calories without really thinking about exercising. And there are now many interactive TV games such as Wii Fit where you can dance to your favorite songs and the estimated calorie burn are shown. Now that is motivation! Dance a few hours a night and then you can awake slimmer! I do this with my two daughters as a great bonding experience and they love it!

4. Lower Your Sodium Intake

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Could your excess bloating be from having excessive salt in your diet? Absolutely! Too much salt causes your body to hold on to water and your body will swell as a result. So make sure to look at the sodium on food labels. You should have 1500 mg or less of sodium per day. If you stay under this number you will wake up slimmer in the morning!

5. Avoid Late Night Snacks

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I know it is so hard to get to bed without a late night snack because this is usually the time when our cravings kick in. But if you eat a balanced dinner of a protein and complex carbohydrate followed by a light snack of a piece of fruit you should have less night time cravings. Often we eat light night snacks out of mere boredom. So get to bed so you can wake up early slimmer and feeling on top of the world!

6. Sleep in Fitted Pajamas

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I like to sleep in fitted shorts and a tee shirt because it reminds me of how good it feels to be thin. Even as an athlete and trainer I still have my days where I struggle with eating healthy but wearing my fitted pajamas does help me stay on track. If my shorts are feeling a bit snug I know I need to re-assess my meal planning and workouts. Do not wear ultra loose clothing because this gives you room for you to gain weight.

7. Think Positive

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If you put yourself in a positive mindset you will be more likely to grab the carrot sticks instead of the crackers, get out for your daily workouts and reward your body the healthy way because that is what you deserve. Positive people produce more in their lives and are more successful in all aspects. So turn that frown upside down and be happy with who you are. This is one great way to wake up slimmer, happier and with more energy!

8. Avoid Certain Foods

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There are some foods that are known to cause stomach bloating so avoiding these foods can help you wake up with a flatter belly in the morning. Try avoiding vegetables such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, artichokes, and asparagus. Wheat bread and bran also are known to cause bloating. Try cutting these foods out and you should notice a difference within a few days.

9. No More Soda

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Part of feeling thinner is having a flatter stomach and that can be done by cutting out carbonation and sugar. This means that you have to cut the soda and beer out of your diet! Some people might find this hard, but you'll definitely notice a difference. Those little bubbles that you love will add up and bloat your belly.

10. Slow down

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Chew your food. Sounds easy, right? Think about it though, how many times have you been in a rush and you just shove food down your throat without really chewing it? Slow down and chew your food! You realize your full before you finish eating, which means you're taking in less calories which is pretty much always a plus. This also helps your body better digest the food, so really there's no downside,

11. Hold the Spice

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Spicy food is not good when you're trying to feel thinner. Spicy foods and spices like black pepper, Chili powder, hot sauces, and even vinegar trigger the release of stomach acid which can cause bloating. Try using fresh or dried herbs like dill, basil, mint, sage, tarragon, and rosemary to get great flavors in your food while still being able to feel and look thinner.

Now that you have read all my ways to wake up slimmer I hope this helps you to awake leaner and more sculpted. Do you feel like you ever awake bloated and wishing you were a bit slimmer in the morning?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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