7 Ways to Lose Weight without Going to the Gym ...

I like to find ways to lose weight without going to the gym because gym memberships can be costly. In addition, some days the gym is more crowded than others, thus resulting in me having to wait for particular equipment and making my workout less efficient. Instead, I like to look at alternatives to the gym because the gym isn’t always fun, nor is it easy on the joints. Here are a few ways to lose weight without going to the gym.

1. Swimming

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One of my favourite ways to lose weight without going to the gym is swimming. Swimming helps with stamina and endurance. Furthermore, water creates resistance while you’re swimming, thus giving you a great core, arm and leg workout. Another benefit of swimming is that it’s not harsh on the joints, so if you’re someone who wants to exercise but you have stiff muscles or sore joints, swimming is ideal for you. Finally, the best part of swimming is that the entire family can join you on the path to a healthier body!

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