7 Things You Should Be Writing ✏️ down in Your Weight Loss Journal πŸ““ if You Want to See Results βœ… ...


A weight loss journal is a valuable tool for keeping track of your goals and progress. Not only does it hold you personally accountable, but a weight loss journal also helps you see patterns that might be hindering your progress and patterns that are getting you to your goal weight. Make your weight loss journal work for you by writing down the following things in it each and every day. It can only help you if you use it properly so don’t slack off!

1. Everything You Eat Must Be Recorded

One of the most important things you can write down in your weight loss journal is the foods you eat throughout the course of the day. Keeping track of what you eat is a great way to make sure you’re only putting things on your plate that are conducive to weight loss. Having to write down a big bag of Doritos can also deter you from making unhealthy eating choices.

Don’t Forget to Include How Much You Eat
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