The Best 🙌 Ways to Lose Weight ⚖️ for Women over 50 ...


There are a lot of things that can be done to help you lose weight as you age. It doesn’t matter if you have battled weight for your entire life or for just a few years. While it is true that age can affect the number that shows up on your scale, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept those numbers and live with them. Just like varicose veins and crow’s feet showing up, gaining weight when you hit 50 is inevitable. It isn’t all in your mind. It does become harder to shed that extra weight after they have become complacent on the hips.

There are a few reasons why we have a tendency to pack on the pounds as we age and these are decreased activity and loss of muscle mass. Most women will experience a five to ten percent loss in their muscle mass every decade after they hit the age of 50. This causes your metabolism to decline by about two to three percent each decade.

You can eat exactly the same foods you did ten years ago but you are still going to gain weight.

As we age, we become more sedentary and this causes a kink in our metabolism as well. This holds true especially if you have developed arthritis in your joints that restrict your activities. As we age, we don’t do as many errands or physical activities. If we don’t use our muscles as we age, we will lose them.

These facts are scary but there are things we can do to help us take back control. We are not doomed to fail here. You can build your muscle mass back up to what it was when you were 30.

We might not have the energy or time to follow a rigorous workout schedule but if we can take the following advice to heart, we might just be able to fit into our favorite jeans for many more decades.

1. Eat More Protein

Supplementing protein will help build up muscle mass. Try to make sure that 30 to 40 percent of your daily calorie intake comes from protein. This all depends on what your body weight is now. A lean piece of fish or meat should take up about a third of your plate.

If you can spread the protein intake evenly throughout your day, you will be able to build muscle better. If you can eat equal amounts of protein at every meal, your muscle strength will increase better. If you don’t like eating protein at every meal, you can add yogurt or eggs to breakfast then have a handful of nuts or a glass of milk with lunch. This leaves you free to scale back or skip protein at dinner.

Resistance Training
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