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6 Easy Weight Loss Tips That Are Going to Make a Big Difference

By Leiann

Alivia talks about simple ways to make a huge change in your life. What is that change? Weight loss! This is not rocket science. Also, it does not cost a lot.

You may not like all of her tips. However, I challenge you to take on at least #one. If you see a difference, maybe do another...simple steps lead to habit. Who doesn't want a healthy habit?

Alivia D'Andrea
Published on Dec 24, 2016

1 Water

Drinking water boosts your metabolism by up to 30%, allowing your body to burn more calories!

2 Water and Tea

Replace everything you drink to lemon with water or tea. Replacing soda with lemon water reduces over 1000 calories a week, which means 15 pounds less in a year. Green tea before a workout burns more calories.

3 Gum

Chew gum to replace sweets and salty foods.

4 Protein

There are many different views on the topic of protein. Alivia claims that protein prevents night-time cravings.

5 Distractions

Distract yourself instead of eating. Watch a YouTube video for example!

6 Bad Word

Avoid the word "diet". Instead, use the word "lifestyle" in order to be happier and more energetic. It is never too late!

They say people remember lists better than lengthy texts. So, I like to make short lists for you to remember easily.

Good luck!

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