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Pro Weight Loss Tips from Jillian Michaels on How to Cut Calories ...

By Leiann

Jillian Michaels' appearance on the Wendy Williams Show is featured in this YouTube video. Examples of how to cut calories are demonstrated with food that is not bland but healthy and tasty.

The Wendy Williams Show
Published on Jan 14, 2015

It is all about food quantity and food quality. Do not consume a ton of food and do not consume non-food.

Do not cut out carbs. Do not cut out snacks. Balance! You would end of binging on the weekend and we have all been there! If you are going to have gummy worms, have real gummy worms. For example, fake gummy worms have red dye in them, the same as a pen! Baked chips might not be as deliciously greasy as regular chips, but you can acquire a taste. Healthy food is delicious, so just focus on healthy food.

C'mon, is having an English muffin instead of a bagel so bad?

I hope you have found this YouTube video to be educational and helpful for your weight loss journey.

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