Dr. Oz Video 🎞 on the Best 🙌 Carbs 🍞🍟 to Drop 🔽 a Dress 👗 Size ...


What are the best carbs to drop a dress size? Are you a pasta, potatoes, rice and pretzels kind of gal but get discouraged because of all of the bad press that they get? Think you cannot have them at all if you want to lost weight? Think again! You can!

With a little advice from Dr. Oz's show, he tells you the facts of what you can have and with a combined total lose up to twenty-three pounds in a year!

Meet you after this video about the best carbs to drop a dress size.


Published on Jan 31, 2012

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For review:

1. Swap Shiitake Noodles in Place of Pasta!

There are only ten calories per two-ounce serving! Regular pasta has two hundred calories. If you swap a few times a week, you can lose up to eleven pounds in a year!

Swap Purple Potatoes in Place of Regular Potatoes!
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